Play by post anyone?


[Not many ICRPGers on Role Gate. You should have joined us. I’ll be starting up a third game shortly. Converting D&D 5e Stranger Things to ICRPG rules and mechanics to run. A little experiment. Should be fun.]


[Definitely! Couple 10 minute YouTube videos and I was pretty much up and running with Owlbear. It’s a little clunky on mobile, but TOTALLY usable! It’s fun just to look up a map and slap a grid over it and be able to draw/type/ fog of war on it. Plus there are TONS of free tokens out there, or just get a background eraser app and you’ve got custom tokens galore.]


[Okay, let me know!]


[Surely we should use the ICRPG VTT!]


[ICRPG has one too? Cool.

I’d be game to try out both.]


[Yeah, I haven’t played on this one, but I did go and check it out once. Similar to OwlBear. As in its just a very basic and user friendly VTT. You used it yet?]


[I always wondered what ICRPG VTT was like. Can it be used asynchronously, or on mobile? I have a laptop but I never use it. Ultimately I guess I prefer full TotM. Just less hassle and keeps the action moving. Basic maps with zones are cool, though. I like Hankerin’s “first person” scene/zone maps with depth and height variance. Very imaginative and evocative!]


[No idea how mobile friendly it is. Haven’t played on it myself yet. Willing to give it a shot though. ToTM is why I like PbP. It’s not for everyone, but I love it. Liking Role Gate to. Only been on it about a month or so, but really diggin it.]


[It’s not mobile friendly, but we could use discord to play a game over voice chat (with TotM) if we’re all awake at the same time]

[Will do turn tomorrow morning]


Muel hacks the tentacle, slicing through its ruined flesh and it drops to the floor writhing and dying.

Mehrfin’s doorway spell falters and sputters.

Quildrum dodges away and his defensive stance seems to deter the two fishmen.

Hykon slashes at the fishmen but fails to connect.

Morvi is stable but basically unconscious.

Timer 1

For a moment the fishmen pause, seeing the dying tentacle, but they rally themselves and (seeing the defensive stance of Quildrum) in a fury they rend their claws against Hykon. (Make two defence saves against 3 and 6 damage).

What do you do?


Quildrum slashes his sword at the nearest fishman.
Attack: 9+2=11
Kit of spikes: 3 damage.
The kit of spikes catches one of them good.
“Hykon, A little help here!”


What quadrant am in currently, Smittumi?


[Ironic AF , lmaoooooo]


[East, the cacti]. 20 characters.


[Seriously? Hykon’s the one being attacked by two fishdudes and Quil is the one asking for a little help?? From Hykon, no less?? Freaking pit fighters. Melodramatic Primadonna.]


DEF Save #1: 19+7=26 / DEF Save #2: 3+7=10 / 6 damage noted.

Hykon manages to get his shield up in time to stave off one of the fishmen’s clawed attack. He isn’t so lucky with the second. “Ah, you-son-of-a-blow-fish,” Hykon cries out, as the second set of claws find their target.

Hykon counters, with another swing of his sword, at the fishman that clawed him.

STR 3+1=4 (sheesh)

Again, his aim is off and Hykon’s sword misses its mark.


Mehrfin decides to rely on a golden oldie and fires off an arcane missile in the direction of the fishmen attacking Hykon.

[Int 10+3=13]

The energy bolt fires but misses the target, hitting some poor defenseless sea cacti instead.


Apparently we need dice practice… LMAO


Muel hits the ground and rolls to his feet, sheaths his dagger, and again rushes to Morvi’s side.
He attempts to help her regain consciousness [INT roll 12+0, BASIC effort of 1]


[It’s your fault. It’s that damn profile pic of yers. Giving the dice the heebie jeebies!]