Play by post anyone?


Mehrfin, having retrieved his shield and frost infuser, attempts to reshape the focus of his doorway spell so that it fires like a discus, chopping things in half.

[Int 10+3=13]

Unfortunately, the doorway discus fizzles out after two feet, leaving Mehrfin looking foolish and exposed in the middle of the battlefield.


Str save: 13+2=15
Quildrum uses his shield to push away from the fishman. Gathers himself and backs away and readies himself for an attack.
Def: 13+4=17.


[so I made a rough map of the island in case we get lost]


Hykon steps forward and brings his sword around, in an attempt to behead one of the fishmen going after Quildrum.

STR 6+1=7

“Hold still you slimey bastards,” Hykon growls, as the fishman manages to avoid his swing. “Got a spot on my wall for you.”


[@AbbenWisson, Morvi could make a Recovery roll, I think]


Morvi’s body crushes a path through the sea cactuses, and she lays in a pile of them in a small clearing.
She opens her eyes at the sound of Muel’s voice. One moment he’s there, kneeling over her, and the next he’s hurtling away again like a ragdoll, into the darkening sky filled with Brain Horrors…
She lifts her head up [CON roll 3+0] weakly, and then let’s it fall back.
“Well that’s not good…”
[Edit: Morvi is still stable, but unconscious. She’ll try again next round but Muel stopped her Death Timer countdown just in time! With a Nat 20 no less! Ooh I gotta mark that. That’s my 3rd.]


[Has anyone noticed how healing mechanics are kinda loosey-goosey in ICRPG? Is that intentional? Are there common DIYs that people use? It’s always bugged me]


[That map is a thing of beauty @AbbenWisson]


[I think a recovery roll constitutes rolling at or above target with Con, and then getting back in HP Basic Effort, unless using a tool or magic. @Smittumi, is this how you see it?]


[Ope. Yep. That totally tracks. I forget the “effort” aspect often, too! d4 Basic makes sense. I saw d6 for bandages and d10 for Magical effort and didn’t think of the Basic effort being implied.]


[I concur with all that my companions are saying. Even the part about Quil being a big wuss for a pit fighter. And about Condor the Great being about as bright as a box of used tissue paper. Oh wait, was I thinking out loud again?? My bad.]


[The joys of family]


[Hey thanks! I’m still trying to learn Owlbear Rodeo and I was messing with it a bit :rofl:. Highly recommend for a dead-simple VTT. You guys got me interested in the Swords and Sorcery genre now, so I’ve been looking at low fantasy RPGs lately. I got Conan on the brain.]


[OwlBear is fantastic. Discovered it a few months ago. I love it.]


[Trying to get him riled up. He’s been awfully quiet today.]


[Never used OwlBear before. Looks pretty straight forward. Never used a VTT before, either, so not sure what to compare it to.]


[Yeah, I’m fairly new to VTT. Started with Roll20 and was like no way. It was so complicated and not very intuitive or user friendly in my opinion. Had a bunch of tutorials you had to go throw. The first one took like 2 hours. I Gave up on it. To much for me. Tried some others but was over whelmed by them all. Then I found OwlBear… Game changer.]


[Cool. Maybe we could use at some point for this game if we all happened to be awake at the same time. :slight_smile:]


[Shoot, I’d be down for that. Besides this game here, I’ve got three games going on Role Gate (PbP site.) Two as GM, one as player. One home game. Nothing VTT at the moment.]


[I saw you on RoleGate when I searched for ICRPG! And Condor! Haha!]