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Quildrum swings and misses the guts fishman, but on the backswing his spikes bite deep.

Hykon also attacks and misses the guts fishman.

Mehrfin fires his arcane missile at guts fishman, and would have missed, but the high ground gives greater line-of-sight to ranged attacks and the missile just clips the guts fishman, who was it seems on his absolute last legs. It falls dead to the ground.

Muel, trying to assist Morvi manages to help her recover 1 HP (the rules say actions can be EASY if it’s just repetition of an ally’s action, and she tried to recover last time).

Timer hits zero.

The whole island lurches suddenly, then slowly begins moving towards the shore. Lightning flashes from the flock of brain horrors circling overhead.

The scarred fishman, seeing is allies all dead, dives into the pool and disappears into the black water.

For the moment all is still.

Searching the area you a lot of loot amongst the dead pirates, and more gathered in little piles, as though gathered for offerings.

[Everyone take a milestone reward]

Looking out from this island you’re stood on you can see the ring of rock, but within it are two other islands.

The northern island has many fires and the silhouettes of people dancing, cavorting and killing. A scene of violence and chaos, hidden by the dark but holding the sounds of drumming and chanting.

Looking at the western island you can simply see four figures standing around a large statue. They move around the statue occasionally. Mehrfin can tell from the deliberate nature of their moves they could be carrying out a ritual. Hykon can detect great evil emanating from that place.

[Let me re-explain the broader geography: you initially rowed your boat up to a ring of rock that prevented anyone seeing inside that ring. Overhead is the terrible storm. You rowed through a gap in that ring to a smallish island - this is where you’ve just battled. From this smallish island you can see two others, both also inside the ring of rock. One to the north with many people and chanting etc. One east, with the four figures. All three islands, and the ring, are moving towards the coast, close to Durhadda]

Timer resets to 4

Target 15 because of the dark and the swaying rock underfoot as the whole island now moves silently to the shore.

What do you do?


Merfman: “Ha ha! Take that you loser!”

Mehrfin is a little sad to see that his missile did edge over and kill the cacti though.

“Hey guys,” he says, running up to them. “I saw this play once where some little kid was riding on the back of a big Torton. Maybe that’s what we are on.”

[Milestone reward: PRIMAL FORM: Become fire, air, or water for 1D4 ROUNDS]

Looking over at the people chanting around the statue. “I suggest we go kill those guys first. I have been thinking and I should be able to change into an air form and get over there, then portal you guys over. What do you think?”


Muel’s back is turned as he kneels over Morvi trying to give her some basic first aid (WIS roll 4+0=0) he nods furiously and gives a thumbs up over his head. (To Mehrfin)

“That sounds amazing. I want to do that! STOP MOVING WOMAN!”

Morvi then slaps Muel’s fumbling hands away and tries to tie the strip of cloth around her own head (CON roll 12+0, BASIC effort of 1)

“Just let me do it! Why don’t you tend to yourself you gorilla? Sheesh!”

[Muel takes the Path of Iron reward: WAR CALLER: EQUIP this metal-etched war horn, usually worn at the belt.
When used, it will earn the attention of all enemies or hostiles within a FAR
radius. They will be fixed on you for 1D4 ROUNDS.]
“Hey, I wonder what this horn does?”
(He holds it a little too close to his face, looking for runes…)
" Oh, ok. It says what it does right on the side, here. That’s smart. Good job whoever made this."


Quildrum looks over the loot for anything we may be able to use.
Milestone (Ever stronger)
"Yes I believe after I go through the loot rounded up here,we can go n battle the four. But first why is this island moving? "


Hykon choses the GREENBOW Reward: Magical Longbow, grows a new arrow for each fired and can never hit a friendly target. A small tree grows wherever the arrows stick.

[One question before I chose this reward. The description says this item is MAGICAL. So, does that mean it does magic EFFORT? Or still just WEAPON EFFORT?]

Hykon looks around at his companions, surveying the after-effects of their battle. He approaches Morvi and Muel, giving them an amused look as they squabble with each other.

“May I?” Hykon asks Morvi, holding out his hand toward her. Touching her shoulder, he recites a small prayer. HEALING TOUCH: WIS 13+2=15

“Anyone else?” he asks, looking around.


Mehrfin likewise peruses the leftover gear for magical items/spells while people mull over what to do next.


Also, can Hykon use HEALING TOUCH on himself? Almost forgot I was at 4 HP myself.

If so, WIS 13+2=15 (ha, same roll, that’s funny)


“I just got a few scrapes and bruises, but I wouldn’t mind a bit of that healing touch. Not to sound inappropriate or anything.”


Hykon stands and walks over to Mehrfin. He lays a hand on the Merfs shoulder, reciting his healing prayer.



[@GaryD20 I’m gonna rule that the greenbow does magic effort.

Yes you can heal yourself]


[Hey Quil, why don’t you jump in the water and snorkel around and see what’s below us. Would be some useful information to have.]


Hykon looks around at his companions and says, “Whatever we are going to do, we should probably do it quick, before this thing reaches the shore. Have a feeling all hell is going to break loose if that happens.”


[Roll to SNORKEL, without gear, in the middle of the night Quil! The target’s only a 15, what could possibly go wrong?:rofl:]