New QuickStart, Long Live 2e!


Hey folks! If you’ve already purchased 2e Core go check your Drivethru Library, the new 2E QuickStart has been added to it along with new tokens and a new character sheet! It’s a beautiful and current mod with tons of new info. Think of it like an update, it’s the Worlds you know, they’ve just aged.

If you’re a Runehammer Patron you can also grab a copy there.

If you haven’t grabbed Core 2e yet, follow the link and check it out. And stay tuned for an updated 2E QuickStart on Drivethru.

So I want to run Borderlands in ICRPG

Reading now, so good! The art is amazing.
I want it in print.


Very cool. So, just to summarize the things that stand out to me:

  • 6 points for STATs, 4 points for EFFORTs, and then 2 more stats or efforts from lifeforms
  • TOOL effort is D6 now, GUN effort is D8, and Magic is D10. BASIC/WEAPON/ULTIMATE unchanged.
  • DEFENSE is CON+ARMOR, no buying base armor separately anymore.
  • Minutes & Days time is cut (but it will live on in my heart), but a round can be 1 minute long now.
  • Hillfolk and Smallfolk are replaced with Tortons and Gerblins, with some role-playing guides/core motivation for each lifeform. <3
  • Psycher is gone, replaced with Kitt and Ghost Armor
  • Weapon tags gone, character Abilities in.
  • Alfheim Basic Loot better described (adventurer’s pack is my jam)

Bunch of other cool stuff, too, but this list is the stuff that my table is going to hear from me.


Yes, sir. Although Tool Effort has always been D6. :blush::+1:
Also, Minutes and Days are totally still a thing.


So does this mean, despite there being 3rd edition charsheet, that 2nd will be around for a good long while or that 2nd will be updated to 3rd?

All in all a good idea to wait a bit before getting a physical copy of the corebook?


correct. 2e is the immutable heart!


Any idea on when the changes dropped into the quickstart will be incorporated into the corebook?


I’m so happy about this! I love 2e a ton.


So… 3e will not happen?

I’m just so confused.


Here’s a screenshot from Discord to quote HF on why 3e became the 2e QuickStart.


I got that part, I think, and I appreciate HF’s point on this.

I’m just confused as to saying “2e is still the Core” when the Quickstart is a ballgame that encapsules 2e’s Core and expands on it, for the better.

From my point here, I’d take the QS, the GM section and onwards from the book, and toss all the rest.

This is the point I’m so confused about. It doesn’t seem like a quickstart, but like a 2.5 Core that renders much of the Core 2e obsolete.


Good refresh of the starter!
As You may remember, I’ve prepared Polish version of the previous one:

Now I’ve got a couple of questions. In the Core 1.3 there is still d8 for Magic Effort, will that be changed as well to d10? And by the way, what do You think about crossbows now, should it be like a gun?

And big thanks @Runehammer for the Mastery idea in the Quick starter. This is most probably the most neutral (no arbitrary XP granted by DM) and nicely related to time (as long You play chances are going up) progress definition. Works like fishhook for newbies. As they are getting closer to this magic number they like to do more in the game. Works perfectly!



Is there a fillable PC sheet yet?


This make me feel 3E is closer then I thought.


What it means is that it is farther than ever


Reading it now and I’m diggin’ it!

If I find any typos is there a way to submit them? Or is there a call to in the first place? (Found two and extra spacing.)


Some subtle but impactful changes.


I made a new form fillable PDF for this version.

Inventory Equip/Carry just has check boxes, like Hero Coin and Mastery. I was going to do radio buttons, but you can’t remove the value once you click, so you’d end up with empty slots labeled.

Also, Defense, you have to calculate and enter manually, there’s no field for loot defense, and I didn’t want to mess with the sheet geometry. :slight_smile:

Apparently you have to use acrobat to replace the image with the image of your hero, but that’s not certain.

If something’s busted or there is an improvement you would like, please let me know!


I feel… weird lol

It just strikes me in an awesome way that Hankerin actually adopted some of the mechanics we discuss and create around these forums, like player facing rolls and tool effort (that I coincidentially implemented recently for my Fallout hack, “great minds think alike right?” hahaha). It freaking rocks! One is used to feel like upcoming RPG content is something mystical and distant, like whenever the next big videogame is coming and such. But here I feel like everything we bring to the table and post about matters, a true shared experience!

Thanks for everything @Runehammer!! Who could say that this would become (probably) the coolest RPG community out there, right?



@TYMONGER, 3e got turned into this. so it is actually so close that it is here now.