My Inktober Challenge 2019 - One Cursed Loot Per Day!



I finished this one late last night just under the wire. Not the best image quality but I wanted to get it up this morning. I’ll probably snap another pic later tonight.

I was going for maximum texture on this one and got lost in the ink so to speak.

This one I am picturing as a rotten stick that is squishy and moldy yet somehow retains strength due to its magical nature.


I find swords to be a little meh, give me a spear and I’m good to go! I had fun with this nonetheless.


This is a bonus drawing for today! I left the drawing without shade because I am going to go back in and add color of some variety or another, perhaps colored pencil.

I crack myself up here…when you pull the finger it releases the bomb! Push it back in and it reloads!

It should be obvious that I love rivets, I have a background in metalsmithing. I actually received my BFA in metals which is basically a degree in playing with fire and beating metal with a hammer…hilarious! (not very practical though).


I love how much character you put into that Ugly Stick. Truly gross looking!

Also dig the finger in the stink bomb. Besides the visual, I can’t help but imagine a harried and impatient adventurer chomping down on the finger and pulling it loose from the bomb with their mouth before tossing it at a pack of goons.


LOL Pull My Finger-trigger!!!


I did not shade this and scanned the image instead of taking a photo with the intent that I would color fill in photoshop. I had forgotten how much tighter the line work must be to cut down on cleanup (this causes significant more time to work through). Anyways, here is the ink only and color fill version.

With the Hag’s Eye I envisioned a quarter section of the skull with the eye intact that would have to be fitted over one’s face like a mask to see through the eye. A rotten dead fragment of an evil thing.


DUDE! that coloring is phenomenal! it looks so gruesome. i love it


Is it possible to commission you, good sir?? Your art is epic!!


Thanks man! Also, thanks for the encouragement for working some color in. Where I like the greyscale drawings I do feel that coloration is what I need to be working on in the future. Coloration is s slow process with hand inked drawings but I’m sure I can make things more efficient. I’m already pondering what is going to happen after this challenge.


Thanks! I really appreciate the interest. Shoot me a PM and we’ll chat!


Another scan and fill, this time with grey scale. I think I will be doing this process from here on out for this challenge.

I picture the ravager axe as being used two handed when in full berserk mode.


About half way through inking this one I began questioning my own sanity. A bit of an annoying drawing but I got through it.


It’s a lovely box until we have to draw it! Haha! The result is great! What’s inside? :smiley:


We have such sights to show you!


Hahaha! exactly!

The box takes six keys to open it, each possibly trapped.

Some thoughts on what’s inside:

  1. Another box
  2. A trap that has the effect of three random cursed items combined
  3. A portal to the center of the nearest star
  4. Trap: Everyone within far range suddenly has a permanent very bad comb over.


Yes…a little reminiscent of Hell Raiser. I do picture the box with exotic hardwood framed in bronze, so perhaps slightly different in look.


Included both greyscale and color today.

Artist’s Note: What I do with the design and inking process is effected by knowing it will be scanned and filed. I have to compartmentalize the elements of the drawing and make sure that there are no gaps.


An epic campaign pivot! Got it! Might use it in my Warp Shell campaign! :smiley:


After some study before I drew this I am impressed by the beauty of a crows foot. The coloration is so subtle and surprisingly complex. I am posting just the color version today since it is close to greyscale anyways.

This reminds me of a portion of a campaign I have been running where the characters had been terrorized by a disembodied and reanimated dragon claw…fun times!

Artist’s note: Don’t drink coffee before doing ink work, this leads to shaky hands.


I love doing illustrations for items like this, they make me chuckle. I think this one would look great paired with the Helm of Toads.

The scale work was a bit challenging. I sketched them out but soon after I started inking chaos ensued and I had to ink on the fly. It’s difficult to draw scales over a 3D tapering surface.

Working on this brought memories of going fishing with my grandfather many years ago.