My Inktober Challenge 2019 - One Cursed Loot Per Day!



Greetings Folks,

I have been inspired to start up an Inktober challenge this year thanks to this post: Day 1: Inktober greetings! you should check it out if you have not already!

Where I am new to ICRPG and these forums I wanted to say that this community is awesome! I am impressed every day to see such creativity and love for this game. While brainstorming the theme of the challenge I have decided that I will be rolling in the cursed loot table from the core book and producing a drawing based on the item that was rolled. The plan is to illustrate one per day and post it with the hope that they will be useful if not simply entertaining. I hope you enjoy the ride!

Joining the Inktober Challenge


This looks great fun! I might have to join you in this challenge.


That would be awesome! The more loot illustrated the better!


Think I’m gonna roll on the Bizarre loot table :grin:


Friggin love dat helm!


In theory an adventurer who finds that should be all “yeah - not putting that on” but you just KNOW the curious wizard nudges the warrior telling him to don the helm while saying “what are you chicken?” Then grabs his note book to document what happens next.

Love it!


This is such a great idea! Happy inking!


Hahaha, That’s exactly what I was expecting would happen with this item!



OMG. I love this challenge and the concept. Really great, man. You get my vote for winning the Internet today.


However @rpgerminator, would you kindly refrain from posting the stats? It seems unlikely, but it may be that visitors here have not purchased the Core book, and so you’re kind of giving the writing away for free in violation of the copyright.


Oh no! my apologies, I didn’t even consider that. I will remove the stats! I will also remove the image on the first post as it is a picture of a page in the book.


No worries! It’s easy to get excited and not think of it. I wasn’t sure anyone could read the text in the page photo (too small), so no worries there, I don’t think.




Love the whispering amulet!!!



I envision the Whispering Amulet as not showing its mouth until after it is worn, at which time the metal stretches into life. I picture the metal as being bronze with a green patina.


These rock so hard! Can’t wait to see a month’s worth.


Thank you, I appreciate that!

I am excited by this project and once I finish one I can’t wait to see what will happen the next day. I have been trying to think about how I can present these once the month is over. I may also add bonus illustrations that I will allow myself to choose from the list, we shall see.