My Inktober Challenge 2019 - One Cursed Loot Per Day!



Hahahahahahaha. Those fish boots, though.


Did a little extra drawing today, I’m on a roll!

I’m seeing a good pairing with the Mask of Horrors and the Ugly Stick, same sort of gross texturing.

The Shield of Teen reminds me a bit of a mimic, a quick and fun drawing nonetheless.


The inking was a bit rough today so that proved to be a lot of cleanup in photoshop. Definitely thinking of working digitally for the next challenge. This image will look much better with a deep colored background and some glow effects but for now just black and white will do.

I tried to use thin lines on the top of the mushrooms to indicate a light effect, not sure if it worked as well as I thought it would.


Hahaha! you weren’t kidding. today’s submissions must have been destined to be similar themes! once again, i really dig your style man. this challenge is letting me see a lot of people really have some awesome art skills in this community… i suppose it comes naturally to those seduced by the DIY nature of this community.


This became a little steampunk/sci-fi, oh well. I like mixing genres.


hey, mixing genres makes some great flavors. Peanut butter goes great with chocolate right?


True man, very true. Hmmm, something to think about for future projects.


So, I have a question to those folks following along here. The month will soon be ending and I will be wrapping up this project and I want to present the work as a finished collection somehow and I am not sure which route to take with it. How should I go about presenting the set of images? I was thinking of designing my own loot card template and simply making standard cards with the images on them (no text because of copyright) and offering a card set. What do you guys think? Any ideas?


Offering a card set sounds like a plan! Or perhaps as a short adventure using all of these objects? Could be original! :smiley:


i was having similar thoughts. i wanna make my efforts available to the lumpy heads, i just dont really know the best way to go about distributing it.


O M G !

Don’t know why i oversee this Post til now… But:
Man those are awesome!


A card set would be a lot of fun. Being able to dole these out to players during a game would be great.


Yeah, I’m thinking a card set would be a good way to go. I hadn’t even considered writing an adventure using the objects, hmmm.

Your work seems like it would fit naturally into Roll20. To borrow from @BlazingPolyhedron, writing an adventure and using your images as mini printouts or digital supplements to be played with the adventure. Perhaps offering a module of sorts in DTRPG?

Thank you, I really appreciate that, I’m glad you were able to stop by!

Exactly what I was thinking, thanks for confirming that for me. I think this is the direction I’m going to take next. I am interested in making my own loot card sets, perhaps even adding a brief story or background description with the items. I may make these universal so that you can use them with any system but ICRPG fits so naturally with items.

Thanks for the ideas and feedback guys!


25: Freezing Blade 10.23.19

I’ve decided to take the hand written titles off from here on out, I will just include them in the post. They actually take a lot of space on my paper.

A quick drawing today, fairly clean so that means less work on PS. I was thinking today that I need to start figuring out some standard sizing for the images. I think this will help to keep things consistent when I make the cards. Soon I will be scanning and filling the images from earlier in the month.


85: Cloak of Despair

This one came together nicely. Rough texture is sometimes more forgiving in the cleanup process.

I scanned in all my previous drawings for the month that I had only taken pictures of. I was able to clean up and color fill the stink bomb and put it over a card mockup. I really don’t enjoy layout and graphic design so coming up with a good card template is going to push my skills. Nonetheless, I wanted to show what I have been thinking for the cards.


Thats actually a great idea. Most of this stuff im making is for my mini adventure “Nobility of the Rope”, so i may as well do a write up and publish it. I just got some good practice with the community dungeon too. This may just work out perfectly.


The F-Bomb! Gosh I love it!!! I might have my Goblins use it! XD


24: Bow of Hatred 10.25.19

A little catch up today. This one took a lot of color layers to get right. I have learned a lot by scanning and working in photoshop, though there is so much more to know. I can see that having a tablet that is an actual screen would be helpful with my process.

7: Wrigglers 10.26.19

A relatively simple drawing as far as color fill. I tried to create the feeling of movement with alternating line curvatures.

Definitely starting to feel challenge fatigue, even though I am in the grove with it. I have some ideas brewing for after the challenge.


@BlazingPolyhedron Let me know how if goes if you end up using it! I never thought of it as the F-Bomb (more a “pull my finger” kind of thing), but I think its great, perfect for gobs!


52: Fel Cleaver 10.26.19 (bonus)

I had a little free time to work on a bonus drawing this afternoon. This is my first attempt illustrating completely with photoshop. It turned out to be a completely different process. I started with a black blob, subtracted with white, and then used transparent color over the top. I was pretty slow, mostly because of not knowing the brushes and what they can do. I was happy to discover how to rotate the image because that is how I work when I use pen and ink (often draw upside down).

Anyways, I think this might be the start of something.