My Inktober Challenge 2019 - One Cursed Loot Per Day!



When I rolled this one I was thinking…oh sh_t! This ended up being ten mini illustrations!

It is rumored that the 10 terrible arrows were found in Blerg the Kobuld King’s R&D department used for the now extinct Royal Archer’s of Blerg.


Hahahahahahaha. :joy::rofl::laughing:


OMG! I absolutely love the 2x4 with fletchings on it. This one really got me chuckling.


I am really digging your style man! Keep up the good work!


Hahaha! I keep thinking about how ridiculous it would be to shoot that…twang…thunk thunk thunk…errr?


This one took a little stamina.

Artists note: When texturing a significant portion of the drawing, work over the whole piece instead of starting on one spot and working across. Your hand will fatigue and the look will change as you work, by moving around it comes off looking more consistent.


You can say that again!

@rpgerminator You are on fire dude!


Black Heart Stone… Wow. Now that is a cursed Loot!


Riding the wave man! Fighting hard to overcome some serious creative block, this challenge is helping tremendously!


I picture this cuirass clacking horrifically whenever the dead are brought back to life, almost as if the skulls are laughing.

Artists note: Need to look into art markers for shading, this would allow scanning instead of taking a photo with my phone. Scanning when images are shaded with graphite does not work because the graphite is reflective.


A bit of catch up this morning, it was a long work day yesterday and only had time to sketch it in last night.

If I saw this thing in a dungeon I would very well leave it where it was.



Playing catch up again, no time for today’s drawing until late tonight.


All caught up!


I love the sketch quality of these things, it really makes them unique. Great job!


Thank you, I appreciate that!

The graphite over ink does give it a nice sketchbook kind of feel. I have been wanting to work with some color but have been holding back to keep things unified. Perhaps I will do some bonus drawings with color if I have some extra time.


Your inking is fantastic, and I’d love to see what you do with a bit of color! Do you have a medium in mind? Markers, acrylic, watercolor, digital, something else?


Colored pencils actually (Prismacolor). Using pencils adds a lot more work because I have to re-ink portions to touch up the lines. I have also though about scanning just the ink and then color filling in Photoshop. I do struggle with digital though, I like working on actual paper instead of looking at the screen (using a tablet is a bit weird for me too).


Nice! I love using colored pencils. Especially the water color kind. Digital art is definitely a struggle. it’s my most challenging medium for sure. That is why I picked it for this challenge though, to force myself to get better at it. I gotta tell ya, it was real rough at first, but now I picked up a few tricks that really helped me to speed up my work (learning keyboard shortcuts is a pain, but soooooo worth it). I have a couple if digital art folks I follow on YouTube that really helped me step my game up if you are interested :slight_smile:


I have not tried the water color kind of pencils but I think they would create some awesome color tones. Hats off to you for taking on the digital challenge, its a great way to hone some skills. This challenge has me back on the drawing board but I can see now I need to follow your lead and make a digital challenge. There is a lot of room for growth using digital if I can get over the snags. Going digital has its advantages, especially with the stuff we are into (ie. digital assets for ICRPG). I would definitely be interested in links to those YouTube channels, I need as much help as I can get!