Kindred's Contributions (Free Stuff)



Found it. Thank you. This is excellent.


You are very welcome


Sorry I had started rewriting it for a 2nd edition so I moved the file. Glad you found it though! Let me know what you think!


It’s awesome. It has almost all the ideas I had been putting together but put way better than I could. It also has a lot of concepts I hadn’t considered. It is really well put together.

If you are working on a 2.0 I have some concepts I’d like to suggest and maybe you had already thought of them but it doesn’t hurt to compare notes. Let me know if your interested and I’ll post them below or we can start a new thread.


Sure I’m always willing to hear some new ideas! You can post here or just start a Personal message to me which may be better if we start really bouncing ideas back and forth lol.


I sent you a PM. Thanks.