Kindred's Contributions (Free Stuff)



The thought has crossed my mind! But yeah figuring out the artwork and such is my obstacle, but some day I may try to figure something out. Thanks so much for the compliment, that means a lot!

As for Aurora, thanks! That project is my favorite so far. If I get enough positive feedback, I might write an add-on that would have more adventures and places to explore. PLEASE let me know how your experience goes because I tried translating the Chunks system into a ship idea, but it’s hard because I didn’t want a PC’s ship to sink after a couple of lucky shots so I’m still trying to find a good balance.


Honestly you should have sold Aurora. It is A grade stuff. How did you do the art work?


Thanks! It’s just easier to create free stuff and not worry so much about copyright issues lol. Basically, just found artwork online that fit the idea I was going for, completely blacked them out to be silhouettes, and then went over linework with white and sometimes a little grey. It doesn’t have a hand drawn look, but at least the black/white fits the game.


OOH, Atlantis… cant wait


This is great stuff. How do you use the index cards in The Division?


That setting wasn’t really designed for the cards but if someone made some more realistic ones with humans and such, then maybe they could be used.


I figured you made your ow with street names or building names or some such.


It would definitely be a good add-on. Maybe I’ll try to do that some time. Thanks for the idea!


Just added a new character sheet, but this one is specifically for space vehicles, power armor, and mech suits!


Dude, i love the map, did you used a web or program like inkarnate/wonderdraft or you did it yourself?


I actually commissioned Runehammer to create that map! It’s not as detailed as his others, but he was able to craft that in very little time for me. He’s truly a marvel when it comes to art!


It is indeed, that map looks amazing


Oh look…

A campaign book based on The Division.

Welp…there goes todays productivity…

begins reading while at work

In all serious…I cant wait to read this. I LOVE that setting and story, this is right up my alley.


Yeah I was a big fan after playing the first game. Most of the actual story in this book is pulled straight from The Division’s Wiki page so it’ll match up to the video game well. Obviously this works better for players who don’t know the story line, but my thought was that creative GM’s will incorporate some of their own side stories or make a brand new campaign. I hope you enjoy it!


This is really good!


I’ve started pouring some time into my next conversion, “Deus Ex Machina” which will be a conversion of Deus Ex (video games) into ICRPG. If you follow the link above and click on the “Future Projects” folder, you will see a couple of test pages. If you’re a fan of the series and want to see anything special incorporated, please message me!


Honestly make it your own spin on Deus ex, without using their copyrighted material so you can sell it. I would pay money for your settings guides, and there isn’t a nice some cyberpunk setting right now for ICRPG


I’ll look into that. I was really only going to use their artwork for a few things like the augmentations anyways so dropping those would be easy. I also don’t mind writing my own adventures.


I’m very interested in the Auroa pirate setting but I don’t see it in the folder. Is it still available?


it was incorporated into the 2019 ICRPG annual