First off, love ICRPG and everything it stands for.

Second, what do y’all think about using pokemon as loot?

I’m assuming it would work and I’m spit-balling as I write this,

but maybe each mon would give narrative license to do certain things in the world and possibly a +1-2 bonus to an attribute/effort?

Maybe for pkmn battles, they have 1 heart? Attacks would be physical (using tool/weapon effort) or special (using magic effort)?

Idk, something to think about. I’ve been trying to cobble together a good pokemon tabletop game for the past… 6 years or so? I’ve looked at PTA, PTU, Pokerole, FATE, GURPS, Savage Worlds, Pokemon 5e, etc. Nothing really captures it.

But this… THIS is made for tinkering and DIY…This is the Way.

Anyways, ramble over. Let me know what you think. :slight_smile:


Are you Rpging the trainer, or combat?

If trainers. Human/8 build points charisma is used to gain loyalty from new captured mons.

For the moms…basic monsters with a special that is hard and does magic damage…might have a timer if it is not hard.

Max 10 equipes loot, each mon is loot.

Oddly as I am thinking on it…ICRPG is almost made to play Pokémon the RPG.

As milestones the trainer might get higher end Mon access or a few random improvements…let your players help guide this.

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Quick initial ideas:

the mons helping with tasks/doing effort similar to CUT, SURF, FLY, etc. Something in those veins. Maybe if they evolve, they gain another heart? Could we somehow make your pokemon team an interesting variant of the CHUNKS system?? Simulating when all your pokemon are defeated, you black out…

I like this thought experiment a lot! I’m going to mull this over for a bit and come back to this discussion…


Welcome to the group @Kirin! I think you’re on the right track for sure. Pokémon as loot? Hell yeah. DIY it up.

This is the way.


@Moose thank you so much for joining this silly band of idiocy. I am truly glad you are here.

Yup, increasing some focused powers by adding or helping the mons might do is solid.

But when adding a blackouts where your mon looses…I’m 50/50 on it, originally I was no way…now I can see it as something different than Pokémon but related. Same feel, but more sensible.

Ya, PC advancement but Mon advancement as well. Yup, if done right this is a perfect fit…hell if done Imperfectly it is still a great fit. @Kirin congratulations on a very cool concept!!!


Love the concept! I’ve been thinking about the doing a future campaign/one shot with custom monsters instead of pokemon, so I’m very interested in hearing how it works out. :laughing:


@Paxx, Joining this community ranks near the top of best things i’ve ever done. Super pumped to be here and see all the cool discussions about a hobby i’m falling in love with all over again after too long of a break. Your kind words are so appreciated :smiley:

Yeah the blackout thing i’m not sold on either but would be interesting since it was one of the features in the video game. I can also go either way but something to consider that might tip that idea would be something you brought up: are you a trainer, which i’m assuming would be the closest to the gameboy idea, or is this just combat loot you happen to be able to use?

If it is the loot idea, I see this as similar to the “Allies as Loot” discussion brought up by @P_Frota, or @GmGrizzly’s “NPCs as loot” for FORCES.

The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of not focusing on collecting pokemon to use but having maybe a few (not 6 like in the game that you have to train) and doing advancements on the pokemon via other loot to make them more powerful, and/or allow them to evolve say with a RARE CANDY/THUNDERSTONE/MOONSTONE/etc (and actually make it a rare quest item) to get better benefits.

Edit: Welcome @Kirin! This is a pretty fun place and i’m really enjoying this thought experiment you’ve brought! Take a hero coin!:herocoin:


I was thinking about the extra heart as they evolve. Though for things with only one or two evolutions, the starting hearts might need to be reevaluated.


So I’m thinking of emulating something more akin to the shows. The cartridge games have a marked, leveled progression with no inherent ability for ICRPG’s modulating power level.


Posts like this are why icrpg, runehammer, shield wall are all awesome. The inspiration to create and just nice folks all around. Makes me feel all fuzzy lol


For sure you’ll want to beef up from the get go those that dont evolve.

@orkcol, maybe there needs to be a “Most Polite” or “Nicest” member of the month badge :rofl:


I’m just not used to positive social environments, especially online :joy: :joy:


So I grabbed the Feat’s book. I’m thinking pkmn moves should function like those. Or POWERS from the vigilante city book. Everything has a tackle or mental blast that does WEAPON/TOOL effort. But more powerful effects would be gained as FEATS.


I love this idea, have you done anything with this? I have played with a similar idea, but nothing has come of it yet.


I haven’t done anything with it yet. Barely written anything up about it either. Just no time it feels like… Its on a back burner, so I think about it now and again, but nothing in-depth for now.


Man, I’m sorry for the thread necromancy but… Since nothing has been out in the past year, do you mind if I do something like this conversion? I’m not sure if a Pokémon conversion or a generic version, but I’m itching to write this, but I don’t want it to look like I’m riding on your idea.


Super funny you bring this up, I’ve been toying around with a Digimon hack.


Shoot, go for it brother. Just do me a favor and post what you come up with here so I can see too. XD


So, here we go.

This class was based on the Pokémon 5e file that has been going on the net in the past few years. It’s an amazing work and I strongly recommend it. I unfortunately don’t have the link, but it’s a homebrew created by someone called “@JOEtheDM” and they have a Subreddit (https://reddit.com/r/Pokémon5e) and Discord! (https://discord.gg/DA9gQAa).

This is Part 1, with Trainer mechanics. I plan to come back to it with the Pokémon themselves soon. Meanwhile, I strongly recommend JOEtheDM’s work compiling moves, Pokémon, items, etc., while I bring it to ICRPG. Comments on the file are open.

Hope you all have fun!


This is some sort of follow-up to Allies as Loot?

This could be an opportunity to split Allies and TMs or Roles: the idea being that a Pokémon is cool and all as a combat ally, but to gain some TM/Role bonus or additional action in the world he needs to be coupled with a TM or a Role. Otherwise, a Pokémon without a Role or a TM on it would simply have an effort value or give the player some numerical bonus? Perhaps? Just a suggestion!

Besides, you’ll have to think about giving those Pokémons a bag to hold an item, at some point. So I’m thinking you start off early with that idea to make sure you’ve only got to situation that mechanic in your game!