Confused about recommended adventures


I don’t think it was understood that you were sharing the pdf of adventures only. @chamochin please circle back and look at the PDF B shared; it wasn’t ICRPG game rules which I think is what you meant when you said you already had it – it is a ton of adventures.

ICRPG is super simple. A static target number, stats contained on the character sheet, timers to keep forward progression, monsters you can easily make up on the fly, etc.

I’m going to flip this around on you – what adventure have you ran recently that fits what you are describing? Most are large high priced books requiring a lot of prep. Those that aren’t might be quicker to read but still require tweaks and adjustments. All of them have narrative gaps. That tends to be the way of pre-written adventures regardless of the system.

If you can’t say what type of fantasy adventure you want to run, it is impossible to point you toward one you should run. So maybe we start with that and write one for you right here // right now. Are you looking for a dungeon crawl? Are you planning to use pre-made characters? Are you interested in a specific part of Alfheim as your starting place?

For a one-shot you would have a blast playing Viking Death squad:

You could also run Mines of Molok:

Unfortunately I think the robot room was done by another channel and I don’t know that one off the top of my head.

I personally am a Last Flight of the Red Sword fan and point people toward that // run that when people want to try a one-shot but if I was going to go fantasy, I would do Mines of Molok.


Hey @BigGrump! Thanks for your long and elaborate post.

Yes, I was talking about the adventures pdf above.
In the months I’ve been interested in ICRPG, I’ve acquired: Core 2nd edition, Worlds, Magic, 2 sets of cards, the adventures pdf, Viking Death Squad… and before this conversation here about adventures, I was considering getting the Master Edition.
Yes, when I’m interested in a game, I’m really interested in it :smiley:

I’m looking for short fantasy scenarios to do one shots, to discover ICRPG by mastering for my players.
I think the game is more dungeon crawling oriented, but otherwise I was open to adventures.
But just scenarios written from start to finish, without any part that I have to do myself.

The last adventure I did in this genre? A one shot for Mork Borg from an official supplement. I can’t put the pdf here of course, but it’s a 6 pages double sided dungeon scenario, containing the context of the story, the map, all the rooms commented with encounters, access, loot, secrets, etc, the bestiary, 2 full page illustrations, the boss and the conclusion.
6 pages small format. You read it and play it. I don’t really understand why you’re talking about big scenario books…
There are even complete adventures in one-page pamphlets that are just complete and perfect.

But that’s for other games, and I wanted to test ICRPG by imagining that this type of format (WITHOUT do it yourself) exists for this game that is meant to be so simple.
It’s my fault, no problem there.

Can I find Mines of Molok on DriveThruRPG ?


What is the name of the Mork Borg adventure? I would like to check it out. Mines of Molok is a video series; not a write-up. And the perfect one-page ones you reference – what are those? I would gladly show you how to convert them to ICRPG with very little effort since they already exist and you are familiar with them.


I’m a little embarrassed to talk about other games here, but since you ask…
The 6-page scenario for Mork Borg I was telling you about is Sepulchre of the Swamp Witch, in the Heretic supplement (I know, the names of this game are very… metal :smiley: ).

And the pamphlet (1 page folded in 3) are for Mothership or for Mausritter (for example). You’ll find what I’m talking about by googling the name of the game + pamphlet.

For Mines of Moloks thank you but… what do I do with videos at my game table…? No, just a simple adventure, written, short, please :sweat_smile:


That style, in my opinion, is more present in the sci-fi write-ups. Orvald’s Tower (as Skippy suggested) would be my recommendation as well based on what appears to be your preference of adventures. It includes a numbered map with events for each specific number, a D12 roll table you can use as a result of your timers, and a D12 chart for things they can find if they choose to look around. It emphasizes timers since you are in a race to escape.

Do you want a conversion of the Sepulcher of the Swamp Witch? Seems like a re-hash of the 13th Warrior which was both a good book and a good movie. Its design allows for a pretty easy ICRPG overlay. Doesn’t work though if they already played it.


Thanks for taking the time to look at this.
My next game will be at a club, so I don’t know my players. There are all levels every time.

Orwald’s Tower as a first discovery scenario? Well… I don’t know. Starting at the end of a previous story, and having a session only dedicated to running away, I don’t know if it’s a good fit to discover a game…

For the Mork Borg adventure, it’s very cool to offer the conversion. I mentioned this one because you asked me about the last one I had played. It’s a very dark grimm universe, not really the flavor of ICRPG.

But if I know MB, and it’s an MB adventure… why convert it to ICRPG…?
I mean, I came for the simplicity and personality of ICRPG, to play it for a long time if I liked it, but when I see how hard it is to find ONE classic scenario… :unamused:


I tried. Good luck :slight_smile:

This community is supper supportive. We love discussing other systems either on their own or in connection to ICRPG. Clearly we will all chime in to help when someone has a question or a need.

You want a “discovery” adventure which Mines of Molok is perfect for but you don’t want to do the write-up of the video and hack it to your own table usage on simple 3x5 cards.

You offered example adventures you like but don’t want to use those so you have an idea for what you do want but haven’t answered my questions to define what that is. Even if a more traditional adventure was out there, you would still have an opinion of whether or not it fits for your needs which still remain undefined.

This is why I suggested you tell us what you are thinking of and we could throw in the ideas to design it.

The theme in ICRPG is based on the adventure you create; Mork Borg ‘darkness’ is not outside of the realm if that is the realm you want to adventure in. B has always been a fan of giving us the tools to create our own stuff rather than to rely on him to provide the nectar; it is liberating.

  1. There is a LOT of stuff not mentioned, explained. Whole areas of the story, the reasons why things are there… And no targets (!!) how do I do it when I start?
    I’m ok to do full improvisation when I propose a game, but here I’m looking for an already written scenario.

The way I do it is start at Target 10 then raise it by 1 permanently when the heroes enter a new room.

  1. Everything is… one long corridor, right? One room, one entrance, one exit. That doesn’t leave much room for exploration, does it?

Does it matter? The players are on a timed mission. Now is not the time to slow them down with:“But what could pooooossibly be ooooover theeeeereee?!:ghost:

  1. Timers. How do I know which timer to put in place to give that rhythm so characteristic of ICRPG, without it being too long and not a threat, or too short and then happening and killing my players?

Timers are visible to the players, but it is the job of the GM to telegraph the threat. Every time you clock down the timer, on your turn, you give your players hints about what is going to befall them.

When you roll 1-2 on the timer, don’t make the threat something really big. Something annoying, a bit painful, but not dangerous. On a 3-4 on your timer, make it either hard to avoid or dangerous. Either that or dial the threat by rolling a D6 like it is explained in the rulebook. :smile:


It’s all true, you guys are a very cool and supportive community. As said above I would have already thrown in the towel without your great messages. It’s a pleasure to chat with you.

Despite the kindness of the messages, I feel like we don’t understand each other.
I have a 4h fantasy one shot (including PC creation) to discover ICRPG and make discover. I need a short, fun, fantasy adventure with a map, indicated enemies, a micro context, a bestiary, etc, like there are millions. I came to ask for a pool of this kind of stuff for ICRPG because I would have played mainly this.
But I was told (very nicely) how to fill the holes myself. How to use the cards. How to make my own sauce…

But that’s not what I asked. If I answer my famous ( :laughing: ) restaurant analogy, I say “I’m hungry but I don’t want meat, is there any fish?” and you offer me tons of ways to cook my meat…

I don’t want a video.
I don’t want to draw my own stuff.
I don’t want to improvise whole pieces.
No DIY, no conversion, no you working for me (no matter how nice).
I create stuff elsewhere, this time I don’t have the time or inclination.

Just DriveThruRPG links to pdf’s.
Short adventures for ICRPG, the talent and intent of the author. Classic for beginners.
That’s all.

I got a link (above): Jewel of The Monkey God. That’s what I’m looking for. One adventure. One. Are there any others? That’s ALL my question here.

Now if that’s not how we can play ICRPG, yes I’ve clearly got the wrong game (and that’s entirely my fault).

Thanks again :wink:


Thanks for your message!

Ok then

  1. so we start at Target 10 and end in the last room at Target 15. Hard, right?
    But more importantly, how many enemies? Where ? How often ? And what are the cultists (stats, powers ?) ?

  2. I suppose that yes it counts… I can’t have exploration for my players ? (genuine question)

  3. ok clear and noted, thanks ! :metal:


I feel like you have a really strong grasp of what type of adventure will be easy for you to run. It seems like you’ve already found stuff that really fits your GM style. So don’t convert anything.

If you want to experience ICRPG, run a Mørk Borg adventure, with Mørk Borg rules. Just use the single room target from ICRPG. Whatever number is gonna give your players a 50/50 chance with average stats. In ICRPG that’s 12, in Mørk Borg it’s probably 10 or 11. Post it in bold numbers right out in the open. -2 Presence? Roll 12 or higher!

Then, every time the players enter a room, roll a d4. In that many rounds, the danger escalates in some way.

I think you’re correct that what you’re looking for is not to be found here. It’s a DIY kit for people who love tinkering. But, since you’re here, you could try taking the core ideas (single target-EASY/HARD-timers) and see if they can add some tension, spice, and simplicity to the scenarios that you know and that give YOU the texture and information that you need.

Also, Mørk Borg is so simple and concise already that if you know it and love it, I don’t see a reason to change. I’d love to run a game or a campaign, but I would run the scenarios with ICRPG mechanics (and characters).

Happy gaming!


I don’t want to offend you, but in a hour you could easily make whole scenario instead of arguing in the forums.

The main reason I switched from 5e to ICRPG is this systems simplicity. It’s all action minus the bloat. New players can make characters in 5 min. It is very easy convert existing scenarios to ICRPG. Just pick a new scenario that you haven’t played of your favorite system and convert it. You can do it in 15-60 min depending on your experience.


Hey Micah! Thanks for your contribution.

Indeed we can always convert from one source to another, one adventure to another game.

My whole purpose here was to find out if there are existing adventures for ICRPG. Because to make a conversion, you need some experience with the game and some time. And I have neither :smile:

And then a designed adventure for ICRPG is a way to see the spirit of the game, the intention and the talent of the author, that’s what gives the flavor.
Using the Target idea to play Mork Borg, ok, but knowing that I bought from ICRPG the Core book, the GM screen, Magic, Worlds, 2 card decks (print + pdf), it would be… expensive and a bit of a shame no? :sweat_smile:

  1. Yes.

You’ve got cultists on page 86 of the adventures’ book, for the Heckoon Carapace, but they should do. After that, just go with your guts: any total HP below your players is probably an easier fight, while everything above might be harder.

For a satisfying difficulty curve, might I recommend that you use the Fallen Method?

  1. Exploration is not always about discovering a new passage. Some adventures have more of it, some less. It’s not always important nor related to the goal of the adventure in question.

Exploration is a state of mind:“Huh? What’s that? Let’s find out.” As explained by the Angry GM. As such, the mere description of an object (that makes your players investigate it) is enough introduction for the potential for exploration. Know that what entice potential explorers is subjective though. So, all you can do is give them opportunities to interact with stuff.

  1. Cool.

Just read the adventure and make a short list of complications to pick from whenever you roll the timer. New cultists, the maddening hum of the ritual, the environment changes, etc. this also ties in with point number 1 above.


Have you read rules and DM section? Because every mechanic is with practical examples. DM section alone is one of the best there is. There is even test scenario “The grey hill inferno” to get a hang on the mechanics. If you don’t want to play yourself just watch on youtube its 15min long. I mean ICRPG is simple as it gets and can get as complex as you want it.


This is the exact thing you asked for. Now you’re finding reasons to dismiss it.

It starts immediately in the action. This is crucial for a one-shot. No fussing around with “getting there”, no exposition needed. The party defeated Orvald off-camera before the game started. Orvald doesn’t matter: his tower is trying to kill you

The action and the threat are baked right into the adventure, so no player needs to think “hrm, how would my character respond to this?” Everyone wants out.

All of this lets your players start playing right away. Roll for effort to remove the rocks blocking the stairs. Roll for effort to avoid the attraction of the soul pool. Fight the demons. You have timers baked in, with a roll chart for what to do. Don’t like the result? Re-roll, or choose on your own.

In the time you’ve spent engaging with all the things wrong with ICRPG’s prepared adventures, you could have run a complete session.

I hope you find time to have fun with ICRPG. As you can tell, we all love it. It’s okay if it’s not for you, though. Best of luck!


Hey Dundulis! No offense here :slight_smile:
Actually, I really didn’t think I would spend so much time explaining my research on the forum ahah.

Again: I don’t want to do DIY. Please.
I know how to do it, I do it regularly, but this time for the first time on ICRPG I don’t want to.
It’s always possible to convert yes. But I’ve never played ICRPG so for the first time I’m looking for full, short adventures, without DIY, with the creativity and intention of the whole author.

When I first asked the question here, it wasn’t so much to see if there was ONE adventure in this format for ICRPG, but if there were several, that I could get my players to play for a long time.


Thank you for your message.

1 & 2
What I see is that it’s DIY… and the adventure doesn’t answer my other questions. I feel more like in trying to help me (which I appreciate) you are answering on the fly. The number of enemies, the map of the rooms, their description, the adjacent rooms to choose to explore or not. There is none of that.

But I understand it’s a framework. Ok, no problem, but a framework, not definition is not a whole adventure, what I’m looking for :confused:


The GM tips are good (as in many other games to be honest) for doing… improvisation.
But, as you know, this is not what I want to do.

Oh I want to play rather than watch videos of course! :smile:
Grey Hill Inferno is in the Master Edition I guess? Is there any DIY to do or not? Fantasy ?


Hey Skippy. Again, great message.

You all take the time to answer my questions and try to help me, so the least I can do is read your answers carefully and think about it.
It’s not that I don’t WANT to play Orwald’s Tower, it’s just that I FEEL it’s not suitable for totally new players.

It’s certainly a great endgame scenario, no doubt about it, but starting them off by telling them they killed the big bad, when they are level zero? Make them run for 3 hours, without pause, without exploration, without possibility to think, without hesitation… for new players (to rpg and ICRPG)? Yes I don’t think it’s adapted.

But I guess there are plenty of other fantasy adventures, short and full (in DIY) to advise me designed for ICRPG ?