Confused about recommended adventures


Your answer is very cool, thank you.
Answering you by the end, I agree, it’s super fun to chat with you guys ahah.
In fact, in front of what I realize from ICRPG, I would have given up the game if I didn’t discuss with you Shield Wall you are really cool and caring :smile:

I will answer you with an example.
A game I really like is Mork Borg. Its rules fit on ONE A5 page.
I don’t want to compare games, that’s not my goal. I talk about this game because it is my reference in terms of OSR simplicity and short, interesting adventures with everything provided. You read, you play.
Everything playtested and enriched by the talent of the authors. There is always something to create as a DM, but here I have the true intent of the author from start to finish. I want to change things? Of course I can, but at least I have a whole script.
So me, who plays this game a lot (with others), I want to try to jump on ICRPG, but I would have to look for a scenario “in the spirit of ICRPG”, do the conversion… yes ok, I see the trick but I wonder gain in the end.


Here’s how I see all of this. Playing ICRPG is a lot like playing ice hockey. It’s fast. It’s fluid. It requires a lot of creativity and immersion. The rules are few. And no one is going to hold your hand.

But out there, in the world, I am told there are folks who also like softball. And I can’t help but feel, @chamochin, you’re taking a look at ice hockey from the lens of someone who has known only softball his whole life.

The distressing part for me, is that you haven’t really tried ice hockey yet. You’ve mostly shown up, taken a brief look, and then crinkled up your nose.

But that’s okay. If you don’t like ice hockey, no amount of cajoling from us who love it will ever convince you it’s amazing (and ICRPG is amazing). But please don’t start getting critical about it without trying it. If you need help putting a game together, I’m more than happy to help you.

And if that’s not your jam, no worries. Head on back to softball, where the pitch count is a little slower.


Hey Chamochin!
1: HEre’s the full adventures compilation, hope it’s useful.

2: things are not just ‘one corridor’ the concept of a room is a very loose metaphor for nuggets of play
3: just throw a d4 (rounds) and trust the dice!

On a quest to find a great Dungeon crawl fully build for ICRPG!

Thank you for your message.
First of all I don’t think I was at any time critical about ICRPG. Especially on the redit or official forum, that would not be very smart.
What I did say though, is that for a game that puts a lot of emphasis on its simplicity and accessibility, having a ready-made session or two is really hard.

To use your analogy, I have played ice hockey a lot (a lot). But now, I want to test a new game about which I’ve been learning for a long time (book itself, articles, tons of videos…) for a 4h one shot, and I don’t want to reinvent the wheel for that.
Just a simple written adventure, playtested, plug and play, for 4h of game.
Does ICRPG know how to do ice hockey? Yes, like all other games to be honest.
Can ICRPG play soft ball? I realize that no…

And that’s my mistake, which is only mine, I assume it.


My first post. It’s been 38 years since I played any rpg and wanted to relive those good times. Only problem is, I’m an idiot who cannot get get his head around all the rules. After several years slogging through many rule systems I listed to Dungeon Craft singing the praises of ICRPG and spent the $$. Now I can dream up cool scenarios from index cards.

At the moment I’m running the Stygian Library from within Castle Xyntillan. It’s the most fun we’ve had in decades!

Just wanted to add a comment about how much fun this is.


Hey Hank!
It’s an honor to read your message. (BTW I love your illustration style).

Thanks for your pdf.
I already have it…that’s the reason I wrote all this :sweat_smile:


After seeing more of what you are looking there are some 3p stuff im aware that might fit what you are looking for Jewel of the Monkey God, which i have ran before and enjoyed and The Turnip Knights which i havent had a chance to run but looks fun. Hope this helps!


Oh cool!
I heard about this one a little bit. Does it fit in a one shot session?


I think we’ll be here for the next year or so, though.


God… I think Jewel of the Monkey God is EXACTLY what I am looking for!!
I read the comments, it looks whole, short, few pages and designed for ICRPG!
But where were you all this time?! :laughing:

It allowed me to discover on DriveThruRPG Age of Snakes, which seems super, super cool, and with Hank’s illustrations too.
There are 3 adventures included, but… the description video says " in the very succinct way of the base book", so a no for me. :confused:


What do think of the DM section in ICRPG? How does it sit with your 20 years of experience? Have you learnt anything from it?
I found that section of the book enormously helpful and flexible enough to go along with my dumb/ haphazard DMing style. It was the ‘first straw’ for me rather than the ‘last’. Worth the €s alone.

You say you ‘don’t need to be taught to be creative’ Are you creative? If so, then custom fit the ‘missing’ Doomvault passages you mention, if not, copy them from somewhere else or leave bits out. I couldn’t be bothered with the Invincibles, Mirror Lake and, due to time constraints, the titans.

One might argue that the best game is made by the people around the table, not the writing, or lack thereof, in the book.

Give it a few tries before knocking it. I’d take up the offer of particiating in games if I were you.

Many good people here have tried to help you, it seems to no avail.


Hey thanks for your message. We have a nice conversation here :slight_smile:

To answer you, yes, as said above indeed my job is to be creative. And without going into details, like many people I have little time to devote to this hobby that I have been practicing for a long time (Ahh the college years…).
However, whether I am creative or not does not prevent me from being forced to be so when the short game comes along that I play too infrequently

In the ICRPG book, as in the cool answers here, I’ve seen plenty of cool tips for DMing (as I’ve seen in plenty of other games)… for doing DIY.
Now, my whole presence on this forum is to say that for my first few sessions of ICRPG, I want to play a full written adventure, not DIY.

I do improvisation and DIY from time to time, I have nothing against it, however it is not for me a superior way to master, just another way. I still think that the thought and talent of a writer makes for better stories than anyone who improvises.
But that’s just my opinion

The advantage of whole scenarios (even very short ones) is that you can insert parts, remove parts and do DIY if you want and as much as you want.
The problem with “short frames” of scenarios is that you can do DIY, but not play as is.

My whole point here was to have adventure recommendations. When I looked through them, I asked if there were any complete adventures designed for ICRPG. Despite the very kind messages here, I didn’t ask for advice on improvising, but whether ICRPG has short, full, playtested scenarios.

And I think @GoblinJunkyard hit the nail on the head with his recommendation… that’s one! :smiley:


Mmm, I think your angle is way too d20/5e focused. ICRPG adventures and settings are not “drafts” imho. They give you just enough info to upstart your GMing engine and to digest in one sitting. In short, you don’t need more than what the adventure is giving you to play, really… let it sink for a moment…

In my experience with ICRPG, you are not supposed to “fill the gaps” like in “finish the work”, but rather the adventures teach you that you only need a small handfull of drawings and bullet points to run an adventure.

My personal favourite starting adventure in ICRPG is Eyes of Sseth. If you read it you’ll see that everything is VERY open ended. This is good! ICRPG doesn’t give you pre-cooked foods, it gives you a recipe and the tools to do it yourself like a master chef would!



Thanks for the shout-out, Goblin! :heart::pray:


To tell the truth, I don’t think my practice is too much this or too much that. It is what it is, neither better nor worse. Especially since I vary according to the games and the time available.

Fun fact I never DM or play DD :smile:
No these last years have been for me the exploration of OSR, with as a design achievement (if we focus on adventures) the pamphlet of scenarios of Mothership, Mausritter or lots of other games. These are really nuggets of game design and gameplay in my opinion.
And I really thought I would find that in ICRPG.
I don’t need it to teach me anything, I need it to deliver scenarios. Whole. Playtested.

But that’s my need, I can see from your kind replies that obviously the game is not made for that, it’s my fault, I should have known better before investing time and money in it.
If you like it, that’s great! :ok_hand:


Hm. I mean, I’m not sure what isn’t clearly listed in RED SWORD. It’s ‘whole’ and ‘playtested’ in every aspect. Run that bad boy and report back :smiley:


And for the fantasy setting? :sweat_smile:



Thanks for the link, I bought it on @GoblinJunkyard’s advice.
This is what I was looking for!
Cool it makes one adventure.


there are SEVERAL in the … didn’t you say you have the adventures pdf?
anyhoo, doom vault is a very cut and dry, tested, ‘whole’ module as well, fantasy, just a dungeon with some story hooks.