Where Doth Thou Reside?



Putney is definitely close enough, I’d love to get involved in a regular game.


I live in Rockwall County, Texas. Just east of Dallas.


Warrenton, Virginia, about 50 miles west of DC.


I’m from Brazil (Brazilian Portuguese language), but living in Valencia, Spain
@P_Frota, @Nicolas_Bohnenberger : up for gaming? I play online at the weekends 19h-20h BR time… :sunglasses:


I work those times, man :confused: Maybe someday


It would be fun to play sometime


from Brazil too but living in USA (NJ) down to play w/e u guys want too


I live at the bottom of the earth in Hobart, Tasmania.

That’s the little island off the bottom of Australia for those who are now Googling Tunisia. :blush:


Los Angeles friends! HMU