Where Doth Thou Reside?



Where does everyone live? Any other wierdos in Fargo, ND?


I’m about a 1,000 mile drive from you in the south west corner of Ohio. :oncoming_automobile:

Never been to North Dakota, but I’ve been section hiking the North Country Trail off and on and hope to hike it in North Dakota sometime (obviously in the summer months :smile:) . :hiking_boot:


Southern California in the San Diego area for me.


Florida here. North Central.

I have been to all the states listed so far when I worked for a wind power company.


checking in from the city of brotherly love


Suburbs of Chicago. Hot Dogs.


The Dalles Oregon Checking in.


Amsterdam, the Netherlands here. :blush:


Houston, TX. It’s where Ynsmuth is on the Alfheim map. :neutral_face:


I live in Sydney Australia


I live in Lexington Kentucky


Redmond Wa. Land of tall trees.


South of Brazil here. Kinda very far away.


West Virginia here. :slightly_smiling_face:


The City of Pines, Philippines.

Kamusta? (What’s up?)


Good ole’ Iowa! :+1::+1::+1:




A crappy 3rd world country that has the name of a bird like animal in English.


Turkey? :tr:
Although I don’t consider Turkey a “3rd world country”, more like a developing nation, so I’m not sure :question:


I travel through Wheeling, WV a lot on my way to Pittsburgh. You wouldn’t happen to be in that area, would you?