Where Doth Thou Reside?



Darmstadt, Germany :slight_smile:


South Central Louisiana between Lake Charles and Lafayette.


Efrat, Israel. Just south of Jerusalem.


I am from Pleasant Grove, Utah. We are about 30 mins away from Salt Lake City.


Elk Grove California


Scarborough, England - by the harbour & beach


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Use to be southern Maine
Now I’m over on the coast, closer to Bar Harbor
I miss it down there where civilization be


SW London, UK here. Anyone else about? I’d like to run an ICRPG campaign in person.


Central South-Central Kansas here :slightly_smiling_face:


Calgary Alberta Canada here


I’m very nearby, and spend a lotta time in Wichita :slightly_smiling_face:


Louisville, KY is where I reside. Always up for any games


I’m West Norwood / Crystal Palace area if you’re still looking for players?


I play at a club in Putney, can you make it there?


I’m in Black Diamond, Washington State


We should play sometime


I’m in northwest Arkansas. Anyone LFG?


I’m from Chicago, but I live in Milwaukee.


I don’t play any of the systems shared here. I’m just a fan and inspired by the idea’s that show up here. I have my own system I run.