Where Doth Thou Reside?



Checking in from Northern Virginia.


Jackson, Mississippi Hot and filled with danger


Cloquet MN right by Duluth MN, we are practically neighbors ( as long as you consider everyone in a 230 mile radius neighbors)


You’re not far off from me! I’m in Cloquet myself!


Oh hey, cool! I sense a road trip someday…

I don’t suppose you’re a SCAdian and going to Crown Tournament in Crosby, MN this weekend, are you? That would be a central place to meet up.


Nice to see a rebel around! Preparate unos mates che haha


It would be but unfortunately I have other obligations this weekend. Shame.


Shucks. Another time :slight_smile:


But more firm, wachin, hahha. <3


That’s within the acceptable limits for neighbor status in the Midwest