Where Doth Thou Reside?



Checking in from Northern Virginia.


Jackson, Mississippi Hot and filled with danger


Cloquet MN right by Duluth MN, we are practically neighbors ( as long as you consider everyone in a 230 mile radius neighbors)


You’re not far off from me! I’m in Cloquet myself!


Oh hey, cool! I sense a road trip someday…

I don’t suppose you’re a SCAdian and going to Crown Tournament in Crosby, MN this weekend, are you? That would be a central place to meet up.


Nice to see a rebel around! Preparate unos mates che haha


It would be but unfortunately I have other obligations this weekend. Shame.


Shucks. Another time :slight_smile:


But more firm, wachin, hahha. <3


That’s within the acceptable limits for neighbor status in the Midwest


Y’all could be in the same zip code and still be hours apart in Texas.


I’m in the middle of New Mexico, the third most criminal city in the United States.