Where Doth Thou Reside?



El Ay - or Los Angeles if you didn’t know. Just a mile down the street from Grauman’s Chinese Theater.


Northern Cape, Springbok in South Africa.


I’m in the middle between you and @skippy. :grin: I’m closer to the Dayton area.


Chattanooga, TN got another another buddy who got me into ICRPG here too so I’m speaking on his behalf


@slingstone @skippy have you guys ever tried to play ICRPG online? Not much out there about it (comparatively). Seems to be the only way I can play these days. Would be good to get a group together.


I have played ICRPG online quite a few times, and am in an on-going campaign with players in Ireland, Colorado, and Utah. We use vtt.runehammer.online to play, and it works great!

I’ve also played on Roll20, and that works great, too.

I’d be happy to coordinate a game with y’all, since we’re all in the same timezone. :slight_smile: Send me a direct message if you’re interested!


Greater Portland myself.


Bournemouth got that zip line from the end of the pier onto the beach? Or am I thinking of somewhere else?


Yep the pier zip line is in Bournemouth. It’s OK but not a very long ride. Good bit of fun though!!


Florida Man. Lakeland, specifically.


Hi, I’m from Glasgow, Scotland


The mile high city! Denver metro area.


Seattle, looking for in group games if anyone is running.


Montréal/ Québec /Canada
we play ICRPG in french, i know it is crazy :wink:


Adding one to the UK Wall. Basingstoke here reporting for duty!!


Northeast Brazil here :stuck_out_tongue:


Where exactly? I’m in Porto Alegre


I’m very much in

I would love to play it online


So am I, WTH hahahahaha


I’m up in Northern Alberta. Small City (it’s not really a City but we fake it) called Cold Lake.