What You Fight For: VDS Hack for Mouse Guard!



Hey everyone!

So I’ve been getting a game together with a few friends who didn’t want fantasy or anything too harsh - just a game to play. I thought about cutesy games, and Mouse Guard came to mind. Sadly, there are no PDFs for the Portuguese version of Mouse Guard RPG, so I thought, “hey, I can do this.”

Grabbed my VDS copy, grabbed a small notebook, and began scribbling. What You Fight For is what came the other side. After making it in Portuguese, some people in the Shield Wall showed interest in it, so I translated it (back, for some of it) to English and decided to share it with you all here.

IMPORTANT: I just wanted a quick hack to game with my friends that I turned into a full-fledged, self-contained gaming document - but not alone. I took A LOT of text from Mouse Guard RPG, mainly from the lore (Territories and whatnot), to populate it and make it a full game. [Admins, if this means no-share here, I’ll remove it]. I did my best to mark those portions in the document, not wanting to claim undue credit.

Here goes the link: What You Fight For v3

EDIT: Now with a Character Sheet! One of the members of Mousemarches, the playtest server for what you fight for (if you’re here Jake, lmk!) make the sheet fillable, so I’m linking it here too: Fillable Character Sheet for v3

Hope you guys like it!


just giving a lil skim and im absolutely floored that you put this together, Great Job!! i still havent really checked out VDS but be able to put this together from that says a lot.


Haven’t managed to get a character sheet in there, though. Lack the skills to make a cool one.

Character Sheet is made and linked in the first post!


I was expecting a couple of pages. Oh, how wrong I was!

Great stuff dude! :fire:


Heh if I distill to my write-up of the hack it becomes much less stuff. As the group delayed getting to the table, I began embellishing it, the decided to go all bells and whistles on it.


Just pinging in the thread to say that v3 is up!

Some changes to Character Creation regarding Stats and how they’re filled in.

Hope y’all like it!


Took a bit of a look through it and impressed at what I was seeing well done.


Hey everyone! Been a long time!

I’ve been wanting to finalize my work on What You Fight For for a while now, but stuck between wrapping up a masters degree and a dayjob there’s not much spare time left.

Today I was able to find that time, applied the final touches to the rules, and finalized my work on WYFF. Without further ado, here’s WYFF vFinal.


The character sheet for v3 is still valid for this final iteration of the system.

Thanks for accompanying me in this journey, and onward to the next!


This looks amazing, man. :metal:


Hey everyone, just to let you guys know that I’ve made newer links as folks seemed to have trouble downloading from the ones available. For ease of use, this link includes both WYFF vFinal and the Char Sheet for it.

What You Fight For vFinal and Sheet