Vigilante City, Marvel Theme 6pm Saturday 9/21 *FULL*



I’m booking a Vigilante City (VC) game for Saturday, 9/21 at 6pm PST. 3 hours tops. Roll20 w/ Discord for voice. Currently 1/5 of the seats are taken but I can handle up to 6 if there’s demand.

I’ll be running a sweet adventure I’ve ran a few times IRL at the table using ICRPG to great reviews. So you can expect a fast moving, play tested adventure!

All NPCs will be Marvel characters. Your PC should be a Marvel Hero or an original character built with VC rules. If the VC book doesn’t cover the Marvel Hero you want to build, feel free to hack it to meet you vision and I’ll preview what you come up with tweaking it if I feel it’s necessary.

Summer has ended, Fall is in and RPG routines are upon us! Sign up here (or in my Discord channel if you’re in it). Beeeeeeee there~!


If you need it you can find the VC PDF here:


I’m down, had a blast in last night’s game and would love to play again with Marvel characters!


Awesome! Got you down @Jason and I look forward to playing in a game with you again!


I’m down, I’ll love to play in your game. As far as I know I am free next Sunday.


Great! Got you down.

3 seats filled. Room for 2-3 more.


I’d like to play - are there any Marvel Heroes that have already been taken?


Cool, @inorganicstream.

No characters are claimed yet. You (and anyone else playing) can feel free to mention here or let me know who you want to run.


Hmm, did we want to do an established Marvel team (FF, Avengers, Defenders, X-Men, Alpha Flight) or go with random heroes? I’m down for either.

ETA a team could be fun


I want in the game. I will be there.


I have always love the X-Men but Alpha Flight could be interesting.


What do you think Tymonger? Existing team or an unexpected team up of random folks?ah, too slow!


I agree Alpha Flight could be cool. Let’s see what the other folks want to do.


I have to admit I did collect some of the early years of Alpha flight so that could be an interesting game to play. Something in a whole new area the whole new different kind of situations of troubles


You just don’t see them a lot, or at least you didn’t when I stopped reading comics in the late '80s.

I have enrolled in Marvel Unlimited and am starting to catch up…

Here is the list for those unfamiliar


Little trivia for you guys that back when Alpha flight was still call Department H wolverine was part of the group.


If the players want to be an established team that’s cool. But no pressure.

I will say that for any PCs that are from the same teams we will consider their affiliation story wise and maybe mechanic wise in some form to represent their training/synergy together. Like, maybe they start with a special Hero Coin that can be used only on their team member(s).

Edit: In the TT game Heroclix you would get a “theme team bonus” if your entire force shared a key word. This is also represented in Marvel Ultimate Alliance (video) games.


Definitely no pressure to all be affiliated, there are plenty of comics where say the Human Torch and and the Thing team up with Spiderman


I’d like to join if you still have room!