Vigilante City, Marvel Theme 6pm Saturday 9/21 *FULL*



Sounds good @MattC. You’ll round us out with 5 players.


This played out just like I thought it would. You post about running a game and very quickly it fills up with players. Good luck with the game next week.


Thanks @Chuck_Lemons. I’m looking forward to helping some peeps scratch that Vigilante City itch.


Tonight a group of Heroes from multiple countries converged upon central Montana to shut down an impending threat posed by Magneto and his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. While they were successful at stopping much of the threat and incarcerating the Master of Magnetism, it came at great loss.

Tonight Canada, and the World, mourns the loss of Montreal. The majority of the city lies in ruins after a missile strike perpetrated by the mastermind Magneto for perceived offenses toward mutant kind.

In this world of heroes and villains, the world has seen the impossible become possible. Is it possible that there can be a spark of hope to be had in this time of tragedy?

Stay tuned . . .


I really enjoyed the game and the closing scene was epic! Thanks for GMing @Wildstar! And the story continues …