VDS - Dual Attack/Wield rules clarification



I need a rules clarification on the “Dual Attack” skill. One of the pregenerated characters, Olaf, has 4D Power and 3D in Dual Attack. The dual attack skill doesn’t actually say how those 3D are used. It says that when he attacks with 2 weapons, any 6 counts as an additional hit. Is that up to a limit of 3 dice or should he be rolling 7 dice when attacking with 2 weapons?


Per discussion on discord it is up to the GM but the general consensus would be use the 3D when Dual wielding and use 4D when attacking normally.


I ran it as power to attack like normal. And if dual wielding roll the skill. Any sixes on the skill roll equals hit with the off hand weapon. Worked out great.

To clarify, two separate rolls. One for normal attack, skill roll for dual wield


I imagine it much like WEAPON SPECIALIST where they roll the Skill Dice instead of a normal Power roll and if there are any 6s and it was a successful hit, additional hit.