The Ultimate Effort Show


The timer is ticking down!


Join Alex and I as we take a deep dive into the Crown & Skull Player’s Guide.


It’s so EZ a D6 could do it!


Just getting into RPG. In searching for my kids my young kids could play, I stumbled upon a video that suggested Hero Kids and ICRPG. I ordered the faux-leather edition (waiting for it to print still) and the print-on-demand index cards (I’ve already double-sleeved them #dragonshield) and came across your intro video searching for the Cobbler’s son. Love them. Thanks for showing me the process. Keep up the good work.


It’s in the pipe, five by five.

Join us as we face off against xenos with ICRPG. This game can run anything. :muscle::shield::space_invader:


:notes: Oh yeah, here we go!
:notes:A brand new Ultimate Effort Show!