The Ultimate Effort Show


EDIT: new episodes every Sunday, links updated in the comments. Plus we’re now on Podbean and Spotify!

Hail, fellow Shields!!!

@Alex and I have some big news! We’ve been working in secret, toiling away in the deepest regions of ICRPG, and have returned victorious!

Launching Sunday evening (Sept 25th), just in time for your Monday commute, we proudly present:

The Ultimate Effort Show with Alex and Joe

We’re starting out on YouTube, but already working on making it a traditional podcast too. We’d love for you all to join us as we dive into ICRPG, both from the Player’s view and the GM’s view.

Our goal is to help new players and GMs find their feet in this game we love and to inspire experienced players and GMs with our combined perspectives. We’ll be talking about everything from character builds to encounter design to campaign prep and more. We’re also looking to help answer questions from the community.

Plus we have a wonderful assortment of guest stars to join us along the way! So click that link, check out our intro, and don’t forget to subscribe!


More ICRPG content is always something i am looking for. Subscribed!


ah hell yeah, excited to check it out!




EPISODE 1.5 Mid-Week Teaser


awesome to have Kelsey on, she one of my favorite designers and all around dope person!


Tonight on The Ultimate Effort Show we have our first guest: Kelsey Dionne of The Arcane Library!


New mid-week episode is out!


Join us as we finish our hangout with Kelsey and talk about character builds and GM responsibilities.


New Ultimate Effort Show is out now! This week we got to sit down and chat with Hankrin Ferinale, Mr Runehammer himself! Come give it a listen and see what the wizard has to say.


New episode of The Ultimate Effort Show is out now! Watch on YouTube or listen on Podbean!


Questions, answers, and announcements! Plus a tease about Sunday’s guest (psst, it’s DM Scotty!)


I’m not gonna watch this episode, because it obviously will not be balanced. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


New Ultimate Effort Show, with guest DM Scotty!


Great episode guys, thanks for putting it together for us!


A quick chat about Carried and Equipped!


We had a great chat with another amazing guest, plus our first contest, all on the new Ultimate Effort Show!

Contest details are in the episode description.


Oh my! It’s a new episode of The Ultimate Effort Show!


Hear ye, hear ye! Ultimate Effort Show coming in with a surprise strike!


Full review of every contest entry for the Ultimate Encounter Throwdown.