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Winner, winner, chicken dinner!


Congratulations to all the winners, admiration for all of your great entries.

Appreciate the time Alex, Joe, and Xander (any others) invested to make those hard decisions and chose those entries!


I’m sort of mirroring Azumani’s sentiments here, but congratulations to the contest winners and honorable mentions! It was great to see everyones contribution to this contest and I am grateful for having the opportunity to take part in it. Again, a big thank you for Alex and Joe for putting so much effort into the contest (and a shout out to Xander for play testing all those games)!


The Ultimate Effort Show talks with the ultimate dice maker!


The final 21 ultimate encounters! Huge thanks to everyone that entered, you folks blew our minds!
Hero Coins all around! :herocoin: :heart:


This is awesome, I really look forward to seeing all these great encounters in action!


The Surf Sands V1.5 PDF (time code 2:58:49 in video)


this is just great!

Can’t wait to watch all these encounters!


This week we talk with a master of horror and og Shield, Lon Prater!


This week on The Ultimate Effort Show we’re back to character builds and we look at creating an adventure!


We’ve got a new Ultimate Effort Show out now! In this episode we break down the how-to of ICRPG by playing through the adventure we created in the previous episode.


This episode was just a blast. Loved seeing your insights into Encounters/Adventures!!


We had the wonderful pleasure of sitting down with Jeremy Lilley on The Ultimate Effort Show to talk about gaming, and perhaps even the secret of life.


Happy April Fool’s Day!


“That aligns with my backstory, page 6 paragraph 2…” Hahaha! I enjoyed the show guys, thanks!


We’re back!


Hey y’all! New Ultimate Effort Show dives into Shadowdark. Light your torches and check it out!


666 views on the new video AND 500 subscribers?! In the same screenshot?! :astonished:

You all humble us greatly. Thank you. :pray::heart:


Ultimate Effort!


We got all refined and elegant for a romp with De Ropp. :tophat: