The Gar Tastes Funny Adventure



Inspired by @BigGrump’s efforts and call to action, I pushed through and finalized my September contribution. I’ll preface by saying that I had no idea what I was doing, but I did it anyway. I tried to follow other’s examples when it comes to the legal stuff and if there are things that I did wrong and need to change, please tell me. Otherwise, feedback is always appreciated :smiley:

Anyway, enjoy! If anyone ever gets this to the table, I would love to hear about it!

UPDATE: Added one extra page of print and play upon suggestion and increased contrast in print and play images.

The Gar Tastes Funny: Aftermath
Community Annual 2019

The scenario looks hella fun, but I’m really digging the art. Good job, man. Thanks for sharing.


Hey thanks! That means a lot. The art was definitely the scariest part of the whole process haha.


Wow. I adore the graphic design and art style. This looks so polished! You ever thought of putting this up on DTRPG? I could totes imagine pulling an anthology of one-shots off the shelf at my FLGS.

Definitely want to give the scenario a shot.

Great work dude!


Super cool man! You have officially raised the ‘bar’ to a new level!!! Worried about the art? It’s stellar. Like the color choices too.


Dude. That’s a great book design. I really like your character art. Well done.


Thank you! It’s been a nice project to practice my graphic skills.

I did think about putting it on DTRPG, but I dunno. It just didn’t feel like the right thing to do haha.

If you ever do run the scenario, let me know how it goes! I’m super curious how it will behave out in the wild.


You led the way, @BigGrump! I’ve never been confident with my art skills. I can format like crazy, but the art is intimidating. Especially in a very artistic community like this one :smiley:

Thanks! I’m pretty proud of the layout.


I think your snail is awesome! My one suggestion would be one more page of ‘print and play’ for the props. The safe, the eggs, Marcus, and explosions. Maybe some odd machinery or pipes and a door or two. I think we are all underestimating the power of ‘print and play.’ It is an ingenious way of adding an extra element to adventure design that can take a write-up and make it something more.

In two days I’ve had 70 downloads on DriveThruRPG. More than 1/2 of those happened before I wrote anything on here about it being available so I’m assuming those were fresh eyes; not people who were looking for what I put out there.

The adventure can be used with the free rules but I’m hoping it leads to purchases of the core book. I personally think the biggest part of the interest is the ‘includes print and play.’ I think the printed version of my stuff is way cool at the table. It isn’t ‘professional artist’ grade – > it’s just neat and way fun to place down to give a player a sense of scale and location.

I plan on adding yours to my table as well. We have to remember this is more about pretending and less about perfection; gotta get the ‘kid’ back into the hobby we all love.


Grea presentation and publishing! My guess is you think you can’t draw (like me) and used illustrations instead and they worked great. :+1:

Like BigGrump said, this raises the bar of community contributions.Well done! :herocoin:


This is so awesome, you did a great job on this. Your graphic design and illustrations are really good!


Great suggestion! I didn’t think of adding things like that. I’ve updated the original PDF with the second page of print and play stuffs.


Totally awesome!!! might run it tonight.

Only detraction is as @BigGrump mentioned the print and play. In those the dark grey and black are not enough contrast to really notice in lowish light play areas.

and that is with a light right on top of it.

Great fun semi-lighthearted story though…Thank you, Thank You, Thank You!


That’s great feedback, @Paxx ! I’ll see what I can do to bump up the visibility. I’m just a sucker for grays and oranges haha.


Those are perfect! It was something I realized when I was test playing mine and was like “I wish I had a tree” so I made one. It’s also cool because with the print and play concept, you can take the effect – like an explosion – and literally just slip it over an actual figure to show they were blown up!

It’s way fun. Thanks for adding them.


I finally read through this. Looks super fun and relaxing as a filler quest line! Good work!


Totally being petty here as I am printing and cutting these, but the new Page of Print and Play, the top third has cut lines misplaced compared to all the other print and play you have.

There is no cut line between the Doors and the Eggs/Marcus. but you have lines where the Folds for the doors, Eggs and Marcus would be.


You can be as petty as you want @Paxx :wink: Let me fix it and upload a new version for you.


Yeah! looks great, and digging the minis and enviro!


already cut and folded… like I said I was being petty.