The Deck of Dungeons final prototype



After too much time passed I finally have the prototype of the “Deck of Dungeons”. Some of you may remember the downloadable cards with all kind of maps I linked here and now I made my first full deck. I am really happy about the quality and how the professional linen card stock feels compared to my own printouts :smiley:

And the best thing: You can really use it for super basic dungeon crawling ^^

UPDATE: The Kickstarter will go live on Wednesday the 30th September. You can get notified over here:


Where can I buy it?! It looks amazing!


Thank you! I plan to get a small Kickstarter project up somewhen this month :slight_smile:


Keep us updated! God willing, I will support it!


Nice work! This looks super cool!


Looks interesting, how many cards in the deck?


Hey! Happy you like it. There are 36 cards in the deck. Maybe I will expand it to 54 when the Kickstarter is unexpectedly successful :wink:


Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:


Yeah looks great. I love your pictures too! :heavy_plus_sign::one:


Take my money! Looks really nice.


That would a great stretch goal.And this is Something I’ve love having on hand when i travel.

Please post a link or PM everyone in this thread.

lol It just occurred to me. Something about your cards looked familiar. Then It smacked me: i’ve been using your printable cards for months now. Thank you Sir! I will be backing a KS from you when it goes live.


Insanely rad. I love them. Gratz and keep on being awesome!


I like the idea a lot. I’m just not sure how i’d feel about backing/buying a deck with only 36 cards, especially if lots of them are specialized like the one with the pentagram, or the chasm. You don’t want to see that stuff too often, and a dungeon generally isn’t just “interesting” rooms. I feel like 54(ish) is the minimum if you’re going to reuse it, and that you’ll probably want lots more.

I’ve been working on a very similar (but currently digital) project (no-where near ready) so… i’ve really been thinking about this stuff a lot.


Thank you! :slight_smile:


I know what you mean. Most cards are not as special though. There are quite some regular rooms and Corridors. But since this deck is mainly for inspiration I don’t want to have half the cards being standard crossings, corridors or curves. That’s not the point of the deck :wink:


Are you going to have the cubs in the set?


Cubs? I am not sure what you mean :sweat_smile:


look at the pic the cubs on the cards


Cubes. I’m willing to bet he’s on mobile and autocorrect is being a pain.


Ohhh! I see. Sorry, didn’t make the connection there. And no, the cubes are not included (just the cards) since it’s note a stand-alone game :wink: