The Burial -one shot, players wanted



The Burial

a Blood & Snow one-shot, Beginner Friendly

The boon of the Summer Hunt is shadowed by the death of the Chief who fell in a Sword Tooth attack. The Speaker of your Tribe has read signs that tell of a long famine if the Chief’s ashes are not among the ancestors by the time the Night Eye is fully open. You must travel from your mountain home, through the deep forest, and into the heart of the marsh to the Ancestor Stone to protect the future of your people.

*art by Runehammer from Blood & Snow

2-4 people, please comment which day works for you if interested
Blood & Snow
Friday the 14th @6pm Pacific
Roll20, mic required, camera optional
hahaha, this isn’t a real question, we all know why

If you don’t already have Blood & Snow, now worries, we’ll get you rolled up at the start of the game and go over the setting specific rules. Or you can grab a copy below. :blush::+1:


i get off of work at 6pm Pacific on tuesday, if you could push back the start time 30 min i can play tuedsay. but i am free for friday… anytime.

so if a 630 start time is ok im in tuesday. if not friday works better for me.


beautiful artwork :grin::herocoin::herocoin::herocoin:


That’s an HF original straight from B&S. :grin:

6:30 works for me on Tuesday. :+1:


it look like a totem to the Leshen

a very Old and Powerful Forest Spirit/Guardian

Witcher3 brought him back to the main stream


Dang! I initially thought you’d written a home brew one-shot module you were sharing with us so that we could use it. :slight_smile:

I don’t play online (only in person) and I don’t think I’ll be able to make a flight to wherever you are in Pacific time (I’m in Eastern), but I hope you all have a blast and can save the tribe!


@slingstone, have you tried playing online before? I only just started about 2 years ago, it’s never too late, man. Nothing to download for Roll20, it runs right through the browser.

After running it I could totally clean up my notes and put a PDF together for the scenario. Great idea!


i highly recommend at least trying online once. it is very fun. we are on cam and have mic’s . it is just like face to face. but from the comfort of your own home.

like @JDStirling said. all you need is roll20, a cam and mic. if you want to build games then you might want to buy stuff. but you can pull a lot off of google pictures. maps, monsters. and you can use token maker to make game tokens


It’s just a personal philosophy for me not to mix technology and role-playing. It makes it a more cherished and “sacred” occasion for me like it was when I was a kid. I want it to be about face-to-face social contact, real acrylic dice hitting the table (and sometimes the floor), cheap pizza, and good drink. To me it would be like mixing a 20 year Macallan single malt scotch whiskey with ice and coke. :smile:

It’s also because I’ve worked with technology every day for over 20 years and I just like to disconnect from it completely at certain times. :slight_smile:


I’d flip you a Hero coin if you did that! :wink:


I can understand that, dude. I’ve been playing RPG’s since I was 8 and nothing compares to the actual table. I’ve lost my home group due to adult life and currently just have online play to sate my game itch. But I can say it’s been awesome so far, I’ve been lucky enough to play with folks from around the world. 38 different countries so far! No worries though, I’m sure one day there’ll be a RuneCon or something similar where we can all just chill and play games. :metal::blush::+1:


I would be super up for this. Love the story idea.

Tuesday or Friday is fine for me. Do you know roughly how long it’ll go for?

Would we make characters in advance, if we have the pdf?

Good hunting!


hey @Whurbin_Holderhek, i asked the same thing and was told we are making characters at the game. i dont know how long the game will run. but ill guess till 10-11pm ish. :thinking: hope this helps. :vulcan_salute:


@Whurbin_Holderhek, I usually plan for about 3 hours max for a one-shot. Characters go quick enough we can roll them up at the start. Although, I won’t stop you and @Lakins if you want to roll up before hand. :blush::+1:


I’m good Friday the 14th at 6pm if you still need people.


I’m still not sure how the blood and snow character build process goes. Lol. I’m a visual learner. I’ll “try” to make a guy tonight and see what I come up with.


Hey @Lakins and @Whurbin_Holderhek, would you guys be good with pushing back to Friday with @Tanwangco42? If that doesn’t work for you two I can still run it for you tomorrow and gather more tribesmen for a Friday game.

No worries, man. We can still go through it before the game. :+1:


no problem here. @JDStirling . if you still want to run tomorrow let me know.

maybe we could just do a character build tomorrow at 630 and get that knocked out?? but if not then friday it is… what time friday? i am off all day.


I basically echo everything Lakins just said :wink::smile:


Tan says he’s good for the 6pm Pacific start for Friday, so if that works then we’re on. :grin::+1:

I can also do a Hangout tomorrow evening (Tuesday) to help out with characters. I’m here for the assist, muchachos. :blush::metal: