The Burial -one shot, players wanted



sounds good. ill look for a link when i get home tomorrow. all i have is my dogs birthday, he is one and getting a pumpkin cake. lol.

my wife is looking forward to it. so i might not be one till 7-730.
ill keep you up to date. but im down for a meet and greet.


Finally I get to be a player:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Happy to oblige, @Tanwangco42! :blush:


I think I’ve found my token :slight_smile: token%20spear%20master


here are what im looking at

token_2 token_1

and found these as well. if anyone wants to use them.

token_7 token_6 token_5


@Lakins, which token are you going with? I’ll get it added. :+1:


one of the top two. depends on the character creation out come. :grin:
but you could add them all so other can use them :thinking:


Had an awesome time tonight with this scenario. Huge thanks to the excellent group of players that braved the harsh environment and short time frame to place the Chief’s ashes in their sacred resting place.

Thank you @Whurbin_Holderhek, @Tanwangco42, and @Runehammer for a fantastic time! Hero Coins all around! :herocoin: :herocoin: :herocoin:


I’m glad you guys got to place the chiefs ashes. 1 hope I get to join you next time :vulcan_salute:


did you guys record it?


Hell yeah, dude. The tribes are growing and there is more to the tale. The Warm Stone tribe, close allies with the Blue Water and Crooked River tribes, has just made a pact of peace with a tribe of Rock Eaters know as The Broken Tusk.

The world is knitting together…


@Lakins, no recording. We just enjoyed the moment. :blush:


Aw man I was hoping for a roll for effort vid. Maybe after Hinar eats everyone in the dead lands.


Hahaha. That would be a hell of a thing! I’m waiting to see where it goes myself, but I don’t know what happens till we play through it. :blush: