Seeking Ideas for Future VTT Token Sets



Hallo Fellers,

As some of you know I have started illustrating VTT token sets and have recently put my first set of goblin tokens up on Drive Thru RPG. I am moving forward on future sets and thought I would ask the mighty shield wall for some inspiration. The sets I am making contain six unique illustrations of humanoid-ish creatures/characters of the same kind (anything with a face). What race/themes would you guys like to see illustrated? (I’m cool with outside of the box stuff and not committed to just fantasy).

Here are some somewhat standard ideas that I had:




Gnolls. I need more gnolls in my life.


Seconded! Gnolls are great bad guys that need more use.


Ooo…I like Gnolls!




If doing gnolls…that I whole heartedly endorse a couple of hyaena’s would be grand as well!!! Or a asset with one and an asset with 2…
But if just displaying the heads how to differentiate???

Not my problem I’m not an artist!!!


Atomic Space Mutants (from Beyond the Moon!)

Basically my Community College graduating class…


Snake men
Giant rats


Vote up your standard ideas, they are common enough that having characterful tokens will add just a bit of unique fun.

Zombies at different levels of decay: 1 month dead, 3 months dead, raven picked on, 1 year dead.


Poison Frog Men tokens - different colors, different weapons and expressions.


I am going to include ooze, ochre jelly, mold, fungi, myconids in my low level dungeon crawl.

So I am also voting up:
Oozes - different colors - pink, green, purple, yellow, grey, black
Myconids - different mushroom shapes, expressions and weapons

I enjoy being able to customize the look and add a bit of whimsy to the game.


A lot of awesome ideas here guys, thank you!

@Angram091: Ooo, Mimics could be fun to make! An Insectoid race is cool as well.

@bleaquehaus: I dig the Lizardfolk idea, I can do a lot with that.

@Shadymutha: I love Bullywugs! Skeletons will likely be up by the end of the week. Giant rats or Ratmen have big potential for some funny personalities.

@Byzanti: Yeah, Zombies are a standard I can’t pass up, they have potential for some fun variations. Frogmen are so cool, I’m going to wrap those in with Bullywugs, they are a for sure for me. Oozes may be a bit tricky because they have no face but I will think on that. Myconids have huge potential!

So far my favorites are: Gnolls, Mimics, Lizardfolk, Bullywugs, Zombies, and Myconids. Runners up are Oozes/Slimes and Insectoids. I may just do a random roll out to see what I illustrate next!


Zombies at … 1 year dead.

That’s just a skeleton, innit? :laughing:


Illustrate what grabs you!!! the Shield Wall Stands strong!!!

Awe Man, I don’t feel so good???

Shield Wall!!!


Hmm, snake-people :snake: sound good, might as well do some “Turnip Knights” also…hmmm, some Neanderthals sound cool too. Always good to have options.


I would like to make a request to increase your token count to 12 characters each pack. If that is not feasible then I would request some paper minis to go along with the 6 you do each pack.


I certainly respect the request but upping the token count with 12 unique characters is not feasible due to the shear volume of work involved. I feel that 6 unique character illustrations is the perfect balance for me as the creator. I may revisit some sets and create additional 6 character sets to match if I feel inspired to do that or if there is enough demand or requests to do so. However, they would not be add-ons to a current set but a stand alone set (you would have to purchase the new set of 6 characters).

The introduction of paper mini’s may be something I consider if I get into Patreon but at this time I will not be the putting extra work into that. I am not currently doing full figure illustrations for the characters I have been making for the tokens that I think would be required for paper mini’s. I appreciate the request and I will certainly keep that in mind for the future!


Alrighty, just wanted to get my opinion out there. I think your whimsical art as paper minis and props would be pretty cool. I say give it a shot (when ya have time for extra work)…and then use their heads as tokens. :skull:


The idea of paper mini’s or even token stickers that could be used on discs for tabletop play is really cool and I do like it a lot, I just need to be realistic about what I can produce with the time that I have. I’ll see how things unfold in coming months and will for sure keep this in mind!


So I don’t know if your still taking request.
But some Modern Day assets could be useful. Either a pure modern day look or Maybe something like Batman the Animated Series that looks like it could be anywhere from 1950s to the 2000s.

Would be useful for a Vigilante City and Altered State, but also for a Noir game,World of Darkness style, or any other game set in a Modern setting.

*A side note, destroyed modern assets could be cool for an Apocalypse game or a war setting.