Seeking Ideas for Future VTT Token Sets



Thanks for the ideas! I have been pondering doing some modern tokens, particularly regular civilians. I also have some ideas for super hero tokens on the back burner. Altered State has potential for some cool tokens, I’ll keep that in mind for sure.

If I move into non-character tokens I will certainly be looking into making destroyed modern assets, I dig post-apocalyptic stuff.


I’d love to see some token love for Mad Max style WarBoys, the type of punks who’d yip like demented coyotes as they burned the highway down in their spiked up trikes and massive muscle cars. And some Fallout Super Mutants and Brotherhood of Steel flavored folks, Gamma World style mutant bunnies totin’ firearms and wearing bandoliers…stuff in that weird and don’t even care Who knows it cuz ”the Bombs Dropped way way back baby!” vibe.


I second the request for modern day tokens and those other suggestions for space/sci-fi stuff. With the utmost respect to your work and your efforts, fantasy tokens are out there in every shape and form but Sci Fi and Space and high tech get overlooked a lot.


You’re speaking my language, I LOVE the things you described! I would have so much fun making tokens with those themes, I may fast track into some of those. Thanks for bringing these ideas to my attention!

@NeilGiraffeTyson I completely understand what you are saying and agree with you. Fantasy stuff is flooding the market and it’s so easy to get lost in the shuffle. I’m taking this suggestion to heart and will definitely plan on venturing into sci-fi/space/high-tech, there is so much there to discover (not to mention I am actually running an ongoing Warp Shell campaign so it would be a good fit there). I appreciate the feedback.