Rangers of The Ashen Company E2: Fort Ember



Harken to me!

The enlistment to the Ashen Company is now open. This game will play on the happenings and actions of the last squad of rangers’ mission where they saved a desert woman from a hanging, hunted down a snakeman and imprisoned him for all eternity in the ancient dwarven made prison of Maharashtra.

The game begins in the Ashen Company encampment in Fort Ember, Kingdom of Grey.



this sound exciting. just wish it was on a thursday or friday :disappointed_relieved: i work 6am-6pm sundays PST. other wise id be down @GMagnus


They’ll all burn… LOL xD just kidding
Well if it’s a bad day for most I’ll switch to Saturday


i wouldnt play HaRaKa… lol :point_right::fire::point_left:


Well we do allow players to take characters with them if it fits within reason :slight_smile:

me and George are doing a small collab with the stories, unless you players decide to wreck it ;*


You know I’m in it to win it!


Fort Ember? Fort Ember is the name I gave to the Keep on the Borderlands in my home game. :smiley: Game on!




Bumping this up in case anyone missed it!
Also… sneak peak


hi gmagus

sorry if im thick, but is this run on youtube? and if so were can i watch.
and hallo from Valby :wink:


Not decided if I’ll record it. Though a few want me to make my own channel and do just that. But IDK

You could always Participate and get the real deal :kissing_heart:


Duuuuude! Sounds epic. I’d love to jump in if you’re cool with it. :blush:


Hey man .

that would be greaat, do i need any equipment?

i just ordered my copy on drivetroughrpg, i was looking for a “simple"roles “light” rpg , for my friends to play in. we have all got kids and jobs so its hard to get a game of pathfinder or other rpg going. i loved the " old” drunken & dragons videos on youtube, so after seeing some reviews a ordered.

Btw im in denmark if that would impact the game ?

all the best mark

Virus-free. www.avast.com


Only YES!!
Welcome to the army ranger


Computer, headphones/mic, Webcam (if you have one), a Roll20 account (free) and access to Google Hangouts.
You living in Denmark does not affect anything.
You can se the date and time in the post up top.


done and done :slight_smile:

Virus-free. www.avast.com


I’d love to play with you guys but I have to try to finish my own cyberpunk campaign on the 19th. I know I’m new here, but I have played with Joe Sterling several times so he can vouch for me. If you guys have some spots that open up after the 19th I need someone to fill in feel free to let me know I would love to.


What’s up @RushWingate! Good to see you here, my dude! :grin::raised_hands:


Is this game on the 19th or 20th? Post and the document say 2 different dates.


It’s what you see in the post because it adapts to your timezone