Rangers of The Ashen Company E2: Fort Ember



Did you see the mail I sent on the forum? Join up on the Hangouts link


I am definitely interested, I just need to confirm exactly what time the session will take place. Could you tell me your timezone?


The game is 20:00pm GMT+2 (Stockholm).
The Forum should show you th exact time for you


Ok, I’m tracking now. Bummer of a time zone I’m in here. That’ll be 4am for me, maybe next time. Thank you though.


I know how you feel.
I’ve played with Thaumavore at 3:30am :joy:


If I had a bigger house or a sound proof room I would be glad to join! haha!


I feel ya!
That’s why I play in the garage :grin::rofl:


jup sorry been hung up at work and life… just joined :slight_smile:


ONE SPOT Left!!! Cmon soldiers!!