Quick Question: Infinitum Materials?


Just a quick question, either to find an answer or help with creating one:

Most of the materials mentioned on page 49 of the book seem tied to one of the factions: Insect for the creatures of the poison forests, Shadow for the forces of Hell, Circuit as the fruit of human salver ingenuity, Iron as either smelted from the ruins or forged by the Immortals, Relic seems tied to a mysterious distant past. None of these work particularly well for the Infinitum to use.

So is there a good material to be associated with the Infinitum? What would be a good name for the War Pig material that things like dogs, borgs and annihilators would be made of?


I would use Iron since the Immortals are basically the tools of the Infinitum.


Interesting thing here: on the list of human codes on page 47 it says that the War Pigs created relic tech. So maybe that settles that…


Agreed. It certainly would appear the War Pigs had developed relic tech. In my game, so much time has passed that the Infinitum lost the secrets to relic tech somewhere through the war torn ages. The Infinitum doesn’t understand how the material works anymore. They just know that it does. I think the War Pigs search for lost secrets to relic tech could make for good plot hooks.