Question on verbage in Master Edition


Specifically as it relates to Blood and snow.

On page 300, it states “CHOOSE 2 COMMON EQUIPMENT

In the blood and snow section, there is only Starter Loot. No Ice Age common equipment is listed. If I refer to Alfheim, they have common loot…is this what is meant?

On page 291, it states “See the full entries for all MEGAFAUNA in the BEASTS section.”

The book has no “Beasts section”, and in the monster section, most of the megafauna is not listed, including some iconic ones like the Mammoth. I did a search on the entire PDF.
Was all this left out by design?


Hey @RushWingate,

On page 300, it also says to use ALFHEIM STARTING EQUIPMENT - just make it made from wood, bone, sinew, leather, etc. So that should resolve your first question. Use Alfheim starting equipment.

Regarding your second question, although I do not see a BEASTS section, the MEGAFAUNA are on 305-309. They are not all inclusive, and you can wiggle your GM muscles a bit to create any you feel are missing (mammoths, for example). Use the ones that exist as guides - and notice, none of the listed megafauna are are peaceful herbivores… they are OBSTACLES and THREATS.

Game on!



Yeah I was kind of hoping to avoid having to create so many. If it’s a strange one-off type of monster that’s one thing but things like mammoths are a bread and butter creature in prehistoric times. I just found it odd that there is a table that you can roll on to see what kind of megafauna you will encounter, but the stats for most of them are not included in the book. For some of us it’s not that big of a deal, but for someone who is much more new to role-playing games, if they pick this book up they may find themselves pretty lost.


If anyone needs a Mammoth statblock, I did find one in this adventure: Journey to the Lands of Summer - Blood & Snow Adventure


Wow, it’s been some time since I though about that adventure.

I need to improve it ASAP… It’s quite… amateurish? Incomplete? If I ever put my hands on the Master Edition (Modiphius doesn’t ship to my country) I’m going to update it.

Anyway, here’s the mammoth as it appears in the adventure (the adventure uses active defense/player-facing combat, so there are mentions of ‘parry’, ‘dodge’, ‘block’ and things like that - you can substitute these for simple ability checks of STR, DEX, or CON to avoid some of the damage).

THE MAMMOTH :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

  • STR +7, DEX -1, CON +5, INT -4, WIS +0, CHA -2
  • BASIC and WEAPON +3, OTHERS +0. SOAK 4 (or ignores any Effort Roll of 4 or less).
  • Gore. A basic attack for double Weapon Damage against the unlucky victim.

Trampling Charge. Once every 1D4 Rounds, choose a point within Far range. The mammoth will move to that point, stomping everything in its path for double Weapon Damage. Parrying or blocking the charge is impossible for the human-sized Heroes and even dodging is Hard.


That’s pretty good. I’d give them fewer HP, though. 4 hearts is too much to be fun, especially with the 4 effort threshold.


Good question here Rush.
By page 300 of ICME, I had hoped it would be really out in the open that listing things is not the M.O. of this game. Need a Mammoth? 4 hearts, 2 tusk attacks, maybe it charges. Done. If I were to list everything called out to, it would sort un-make the ‘go for it’ stance of ICRPG! Also, there’s a huge monster section to take examples, monster creation tables, etc.
keep it simple, and make without hesitation.
As for the ‘newer folks might be lost in ICRPG’ yeah, I agree with you. I never write a ‘what is an RPG, anyway?’ section like you find in so many rpg books. This was deliberate. ICRPG assumes you have some working knowledge as a creative hobbyist, and, to me, that’s part of its fun :slight_smile:


I do like the approach of ICRPG to “go for it” and respect that there are not all the possible listings on a purpose, but I find a difference between “DIY attitude” and specifically pointing out to a book section, which is not present.

The huge monster creation/section is absolutely wonderful, but for me the logical question is, why the Blood and Snow text is not advising to see the monster/monster tables section instead?