Publishing Help Wanted


Hey Shields. In 2020 I’d like to write, playtest, and publish my Warp Shell expansion, Asklepion. I feel confident in handling the writing and playtesting, but I’ll need help with artwork and desktop publishing. Does anyone have suggestions on where to start? Would anyone be interested in teaming up?


I have been expanding my digital art chops lately and would be interested in collaboration. If you wanna check out my style to see if it meshes with your vision for your work you can check out my Inktober thread. Inktober greetings! One vtt asset per day


I’d be willing to toss my name in for helping with the digital formatting. I’ve worked on two pdf adventures and am trying to build my chops on Affinity Publisher.


no easy answers on art, but if Indesign is too expensive or complex, affinity publisher is 50$ and a bit easier to use…


Thanks everyone! Yeah, I know how you feel about InDesign, but I can’t justify $300 a year for something I might use for one or two small projects a year. Someday I may expand my output :smiley:


I’ve got nothing … but if you need players :grin:


I am buried with work but I I may be able to help you since you say 2020. I’ll send you a message to get more detail.

Affinity Publisher is rock solid, we’ll talk about that too.


Send me a PM. I can help with layout…
Many of my projects and work are lightening up.