POCKETjam #001: Great Gerblins Submissions (Nov 23rd)



Drop your greenskinned, pointy-toothed submissions here!

Can’t wait to see what everyone has worked on and thanks for participating! Along with your Gerblin submissions, reply with any suggestions, feedback or future themes. I’d love to make this a regular challenge if folks are into it.

POCKETjam #001: Great Gerblins (Nov. 8th-23rd)

What is it? I do not see any instructions.


Check out the original post here:


Not sure why the post with says it was withdrawn by the author. I didn’t do anything… Anyway, here’s DARKGREEN again.

The TORTONS arrival in Alfheim brought tales from beyond the stars. With their help, brave GERBLIN tinkerers took their first steps into the vast expanse of space.

Link for PDFs and single image for printing:



Here’s my submission! It’s not much, but grab this faction of Gerblin mercenaries and pop them into your game when you need a roving caravan of sappers, engineers, or inventors!

Thushum Bridgeburners:

Oh and @gh0sth0rse I think your google drive link needs to be set to available for anyone to view. Looking forward to it!


Duh. Clearly my brain has checked out for the holiday


Just read Dark Green, great stuff! I will totally print it off and stick it in my RPG binder.


I gotta get some gerblins in a hard suit! These guys sound fun!


I forgot to upload this last night; there is slight degradation in this “optimized JPEG” image compared to the PDF, but I think everything is still legible. Remember to print at actual size for proper fold line registration. Enjoy.

(And happy Thanksgiving.)


This was a fun project and an interesting creative challenge. I hope you post more POCKETjam themes on a monthly basis.

It occurs to me that one of these booklets is almost ideally suited to present a concise five-room dungeon scenario with a small map. I think you should hold an Alfheim mini-dungeon challenge.

Other POCKETjam themes I would like to see would be a book of WIS spells or a monster manual for a specific theme or location in Alfheim (like “Unusual Undead” or “Beasts of Olo”).


I had fun with this and think you should do more!

For possible themes:

  • Maybe Loot with very specific categories (So like, Swords, or Rope, Lanterns, etc). Maybe the prompt could even be “Roll a d6 and use that theme” and you present us with six themes.
  • As @chrisbynum mentioned, this would be perfect for a small dungeon.
  • How about a series of related monsters? Stat blocks for 6 monsters, starting from the weakest version up to the super powered version. All tangentially related, or of the same species, etc.

Looking forward to more!


Love all the suggestions. I’ll take them all and chuck 'em in the woodchipper and see what spits out for the next POCKETjam next month!


Is there a challenge for January 2023? I really enjoyed working on the first one.