Playtest draft



player types updated to be easier to read and use


thanks to all those who have checked out the document, i hope i can rely on your input to make the full book one to remember and be one that will make many more adventures


im looking to expand the library of poisons and looking for community input, your poison may make it into the book


I want to thank all those who have helped as this project has grown and hope for the continued support of thoise who downloaded the doc as the real challenge isn’t far away

Thank you to all of you


for those who have aided in the book The_Merlitron, Wgrandov do you mind if if add you in the inside cover


looking to add in quests for the hidden milestones in the coming weeks as well as few new monsters in all categories. thank you all for being patient as checking out my work

update brief faction summaries are given they are rough but should shed some light


made a large update to the hidden milestones in the gm section


once the book is done minus the art in the coming months i will be looking to playtest the content if you want to get in on the testing or have done some of your own please reply or like this post


looking to make a sizable update to the monsters in the next few days. will update this post when happens


bestiary updated with 40+ new monsters