Playtest draft



beasts of legend - creatures from mythology or legends

Beasts of Calamity - harbingers of the end


The Scholar Rats of Brissby


beasts of legend updated


working on the world descriptions for the regions i plan to add 3 to the playtest please vote from the list below

Aarkos Glacier
Plains of Valrak
The Wild Domain
Shield Mountains
Deltharion - Was The Savage Lands
The Twilight Forest
Scared Wastes
Great Dune Sea
Kingdom of the Eldarin


Definitely read “Scared Wastes” as “Sacred Wastes”, which just generates sooo many questions in my head :sweat_smile:


it even tries to spell check it to sacred wastes lol


I am working on the region information and will add 4 of the community’s choice, thank you for being patient with the work


once i get past the first 5 regions i plan to add 2 of them, they should be in order of how i want to make them please state the ones your interested in


My Picks would be

The Twilight Forest


do we have any more votes for regions


Aarkos Glacier , kingdom of the eldarin, shield mountains

I like these three


Can’t find the list of regions; also, the doc would be easier to navigate if you used the headers for different sections, as it would show up in the outline on the left-hand sidebar.


I will make the adjustments as soon as I can



M1rage posted a list here on the forums


Aarkos Glacier, and Twilight Forest (which reminds me of one of the Thousand Thousand Islands zines). Might want to change up either The Wild Domain or The Savage Lands as thematically these seem very similar, and I know I would mix them up.


document updated with headers so it has a functional index


i was thinking the same thing oddly enough. the savage lands will become Deltharion


i have 2 votes for Aarkos glacier and twilight forest
and 1 for Melian, Kingdom of the Eldarin and shield mountains

am i missing any votes

update i will add the following 5 regions once their drafts are complete


the region descriptions for Aarkos glacier, the twilight forest, Melian and the shield mountains will be added later today


the region descriptions for Aarkos glacier, the twilight forest, Melian and the shield mountains have just been added