One way to handle identifying magic items


I saw a thread here a while back about identifying magic items and at the time I couldn’t find this picture. I ran across it today.

So, one of my players is also a 5e GM, and thus tends to make most effective use of any “town time” and “between sessions” requests that fit the fiction… as well as him being most alert to my “tells” for traps and cursed items… this sometimes means he ends up getting to deal with some of my dirtiest tricks. :smiling_imp:

While prepping one session, I rolled up a totally minor innocent magic item and decided to make it a distraction/turn eater due to its odd craftsmanship and progeny. And of course although it wasn’t destined for him, 5e GM ended up getting it (maybe even traded for it from another player). I gave out the card in the picture below, but with the blanks not yet filled in. It would take a successful INT roll to fill in a random blank. (Once 2 were figured out, all the rest would be learned on the third roll.)

I don’t usually require identify, and definitely don’t make it eat up so much time usually. But it’s fun to have fun with it, every once in a while!

I do sometimes pass out a card with a tick box and a blank to show that there is more to learn about an item, with a single roll.

A Magic Item Template
Template Tuesday!

Templates like this would be super useful!
Well done, too!


I’m picturing alterations to this method…Mad Lib Magical Items!


Now wouldn’t that be a fun thread haha!