Old-school mish mash character sheet (ICRPG version included)



Hey Shields!

I thought I share our second version of our group’s character sheet (playing OSE / SS&SS / ICRPG hibrid, we call it Furnace). Tried to be as generic as possible. I used Hank’s beautiful OSE character sheet as a primer. :slight_smile:

I made a version for ICRPG 2E

And ME also:

If you like it, feel free to use is / monkey with it. :slight_smile:

Game on!!

Repository: Character Sheets

Well done! I like the whole concept.


Very nice. I’m interested in your home brew if you’re willing to share it as well. My own mishmash takes from those three games plus some, and I’m always looking for ideas to mine.


Thx for asking :slight_smile:
We haven’t written it down, but here some of the rules:

  • Roll under system
  • Roll 2d6 + 3 for each stat
  • watered down effort: d4 - if not skilled, d8 - if skilled
  • Your damage equals to your Hit Die.
  • Roll for casting. You can make the roll more difficult (in ±3 increment) to give your HD to the spells effect ( e.g you are a caster with an int of 14, and cast Armor with +1 spell power, then you need to meet 11 or under, then your Armor affects +1 target, or lasts for +1HD round (you choose), or you want to cast fireball (2 HD / Spell power) at +2 Spell power and if you meet 8 or under, your fireball will cause 6d6 damage. But you can boost your spell casting if you sacrifice CON or STR.
  • WIS is for ranged attacks (Knave), and clerics cast from CHA. (Wisdom is more like intuition and senses and CHA is your willpower, aura, resist fear etc.)
  • Your CON is your HP
  • You can take STR items (Load)
  • You have INT or WIS supply (you can use supply for torches, potions like in Five Torches Deep)
  • If you level up, you choose 3 stats, and roll with d20, if you roll higher then you stat, then you get +1 (18 is max)
  • Hit Dice are your resource, what you can use for resting, or when a cleric heals you, you can spend 1 of your HDs to heal. You can heal for your Hit Dice in a day. (lvl3 warrior - 3d8). Maybe after that you can, but you need to roll Con (DM discreation). You can use it for abilities (like boost your spell, or maybe you are a warrior and can spend it to deal damage, are use it to give your check +3)

These are which i could get to my mind quickly :smiley:


Excellent! I like your hack! I’m going to very sheepishly steal your Wis for Ranged and Cha for divine spellcasters for my own system!


feel free :smiley: I stole the WIS for ranged attacks also, from here :wink: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mtf3vDycfmE&t=1s


This is pretty much exactly what I have been looking for. I do Wis for ranged attacks and Cha for Divine spells at my table and have been looking for a ICRPG character sheet for this.


Happy to read that.

I made a version with efforts. Added to the main thread. :slight_smile:


Love it! Thank you for sharing the sheets, but a Master edition version, with a mastery track would be great, yes please!


I made a version and added to the main thread :slight_smile:


Thank you, definitely using these at our table. You… are… awesome!


Glad to read it :slight_smile: Game on!


Very nice. Might have to steal these. :grinning: