Low Magic Weird West


Hello Sheildwall! I bought Worlds and Road to salvation yesterday in preparation for a wild west campaign. I am planning on running with little to no magic at all. Any suggestions for alternative classes to replace the high magic classes in the two ICRPG supplements? I want to offer enough class variety to keep the game interesting but without the magic. This will my first foray into a non-fantasy genre so any and all suggesting welcome!


I’d redo all the classes, it’s about getting your feel, and brave can seem super heroic, if others are not quite there.

Became my take, but I wanted magic.
And if anything some classes where a bit under the power level I wanted, but the use of hero coins in that setup made it that I had a hard time putting the players on the ropes.


Thanks Paxx and sure, I’ll have to revise a number of the classes but some will need very little tweaking and some will require a major overhaul.

I’m tapping the hive mind for other class ideas that could add flavor/variety. Some classes I thought of were: ranch hand, stage coach driver, snake oil salesman, settler, travelling judge… I’m hoping to get more ideas.


Barber, circuit doctor, bartender, cook, trapper, surveyor, miner, gambler, engineer, rustler (animal thief), are a few non-magical archetypes you didn’t mention.

Obviously you have gun slingers, rifleman, braves… what about circus performers???

Acrobat, exotic animal handlers, strong man, freaks, clowns, callers, fortune tellers, magicians (physical illusions)

Hmmm… a traveling circus would be a fun and interesting setting for a few sessions.

We’ll see what else comes from the megamind that is the Forum!


Tracker and bounty hunter… just another two that popped into the brain pan.