GhostHeim! Session 5


Dungeon delves!

The Boom Times are here again!!!

Rushing into the Dungeons and scoring Loot!!! this is the new way to Strike it rich in Jerome!

Sure, most don’t make it back, but was mining that much less dangerous?

New Primer: not as easy on the eyes.!

Slightly out of date Primer…but so much better to read!:

Universal time Countdown:


Game is full!!! a couple of players seem to not Like filling in forms :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks everyone for your interest!


Session 5 ended with a swoop…or whatever sound a large implosion makes.

Our party of get rich quick misfits and an I’m too old for this Sh#* Rifleman took out the first real Boss of this campaign!!! And they did it by throwing nearly every hero coin had, at the deacon who had not hit anything with his Flaming sword…

While I didn’t kill anyone! I did, get a few to 2 hp or less multiple times, and literally everyone in the party has some way to heal others…so it’s a wash, drats, they all live to fight another day!!!