I have been working on this on and off for a while now. I actually forgot about it for a few months and while it isn’t perfect I hope it get’s things started for someone wanting to play Lord of the Rings using the amazing ICRPG ruleset.

I tried to keep some of the major themes from The One Ring RPG, namely making Journeys have mechanical weight, and the idea of resisting various forms of Shadow (lure of power, dread,etc).

I consider this my first draft so if you notice any mistakes or have any input at all please let me know! I will be updating this and hopefully making it a lot prettier eventually, but I wanted to get this posted even in its “text only” state.

Speaking of things I missed, as I saved it as a PDF I realized I didn’t even stat Lembas Bread! So let’s just say 1x counts as 10x Supply and recovers full health!

IronShepherd’s LOTR ICRPG Hack V1Frodo%20and%20Sam

“Not all those who wander are lost.” - Bilbo Baggins


I can certainly appreciate the amount of work you put into this, well done! You did a good job of fleshing a lot of very fitting content.


Definitely gonna give this a read later, Lotr/The Shire is my happy place!
Hobbit campaign anyone…


Thanks. It’s more of a conversation of 5e and The One Ring than me actually making anything novel but I hope it’s useful! I love TOR but find the rules for ICRPG to be even better.


That reminds me that there were some Hobbit adventure tables I could pretty easily convert from The One Ring 2e…hmm…


Just this morning I was considering creating a system for LOTR! Definitely looking into this.


I like your COUNSEL mechanics. Nice way of giving CHA more weight, especially with the role-play-dependend selection of effort dice.


Thanks! I thought that having different effort for Counsels was fitting if it makes sense. Some people really like the Role-playing aspect of RPGs haha. I also thought having rules specifically about the negative impact cultural grudges can have within Middle-earth was important to capture somehow too.


I’ve been working on a Index Card One Ring conversion and love some of your ideas here. I admit…in my work I haven’t converted everything over and you’ve stired some of my creative juices here. Thanks for sharing!


Would love to check it out! For me this was just a Word document I never finished and it’s still not done haha but I decided just to throw it out anyways and maybe somebody would get something out of it. I am glad it motivated you to start thinking about TOR again.


Is (Bas2) +2 to basic effort?

Edit: on further reading I see (ULT3) and (GRT1) and I’m pretty sure I answered my own question.


My friend found two spelling errors:

Men of Minas Tirith (pg 9 above loot table)

  1. Lembas bread(pg 13 top of page)


Yup. The main idea here was to have BAS matter a little more so that having a bonus in it would actually make a difference.


I’m a big fan of making BASIC the basis for a lot of special abilities.


Any updates on this hack?

Have you been playing it and did you enjoy it?


Just WOW. Fantastic job!!!


I agree, this has some really cool stuff.n


Took a long break from creating stuff for ICRPG due to work. I can say I have been enjoying most of what we figured out.

Just like DnD it I still find Journey rules to not be used that much. Especially keeping track of supply.

I think a pretty bit tenet of ICRPG is to keep things as simple as possible.

I may redo character creation (but keep the cultures stuff because I like the distinction/uniqueness).

Our Journeys tend to end up more like this:

  1. Check the map and pick a place
  2. Pick/reassign journey roles
  3. Roll on the charts to see what happens (use CON more)
  4. Take consequence - think I may rework some of these.

I think I might take out Exhaustion because I really want to limit how much extra stuff I’m tracking.

I like the extra Grit die. Keeping this for sure.

I don’t mind tracking Shadow (use WIS more) and this more than anything else helped set the setting apart from other stuff. Although you could just use the Insanity rules from Master Edition. Basically the same idea.

I’ll get started at making these updates and adding some art to make it a little more fun than a text wall of rules too.

I want to make a Character Creation sheet too but have never done that before. Once I lock in the extra stuff I want to track I’ll work on that too.


You ever finish working on your own conversion? I know it’s been a while but I remember how gorgeous it was!


I was looking at your conversion and I love it!
I’ve been looking at both THE ONE RING and the 5E D&D version ADVENTURES IN MIDDLE EARTH and was trying to work the Exhaustion Mechanic into something similar to whats in 5E D&D where it has a very different levels that get worse as they progress, so maybe level 1 would be they get 1/2 bonuses to rolls for effort, level 2 might be that the effected persons might only get the option to move OR take an action on their turn… things like that.

have you tried anything of that sort? and if so how did you find that worked out?