I have both of those and think they are great. I really enjoy the theme and feeling the TOR evokes but find some of the rules hard to remember. And I really do everything in my power to keep the rulebook off the table during play. Means I need to keep tracking extra currencies or stats to the bare minimum.

I think you could accumulate Exhaustion and then do something simple. Like -1 all effort, -2 all effort, -3 etc. Not sure if I’d want a chart or to do extra math - but jf that’s your think a chart with different stages like that might work. You could also lose inventory spaces or bonus Grit dice if you use those.


I managed to assemble something that is a mix of Adventures in Middle Earth, The One Ring, your Mod, and Campfire by Abyssal Brews. I’m hoping to play test it soon.

I took out exhaustion levels just because I didn’t want to do the math. Failure of events have negative effects like inventory loss, or damage.


I like that idea. I’ll have to check out Campfire because I really want to find a way to simplify Travel and make it fun without hand waiving it. I’ve seen a bunch of ideas but am trying to stay away from tracking too many additional stats and resources.

I like the idea of just losing equipment. In fact I like that a lot. It never feels good to get your stuff taken away but just like in the newer Zelda games, I think you just get used to it and are then forced to try out weapons/gear you never would have tried otherwise.

I know normal ICRPG has losing gear as rare but I think it makes sense for long journeys.


Yeah! I have a “Grit” type mechanic at my table, so some of the events cause them to lose the use of some of those dice as a consequence of failure. I have an event that if failed it adds another event to the journey. Two that adds a status effect to the party upon reaching the destination 1 is a Bane that makes all party rolls HARD until someone succeeds a roll, then things go back to normal. 2 is a Boon that makes party rolls easy until someone fails a roll.


Great stuff, man! I wrote something like this a few years ago (back in 2021) and never finished. I’m gonna leave a link here, if you find anything you like/anything useful, use it as you wish :slight_smile: and keep up the great work! Thanks for sharing!



Super cool! Thanks for sharing that! I’m going to take a deeper dive in it when I get a chance, but I liked what I scanned through!


Phew…ya know I probably haven’t touched it much since sending you what I had. Our group hoped around a bunch and I ended up converting all my stuff to EZD6 and also Shadowdark. We are still playing LOTR setting but currently are using Shadowdark rules. And of course with Crown and Skull my creative juices are already figuring out how I can convert all the LOTR stuff to that as well :slight_smile: hah


EZD6 is great (although I find the vocabulary confusing sometimes). I still prefer TinyD6 for my “light as possible” ruleset.

Looked up Shadowdark but still prefer ICRPG fornusing all my different dice. Does LOTR convert well for those other rulesets?