Let's Crash Some Cars! - Junk'd Game


Still looking for some players. I’m willing to teach if you’re not familiar with Junk’d (Its a simple game and you won’t need the manual to play). Additionally if there is a slightly better time for interested players, I can be flexible :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Are you ready for the heady smell of burning oil, rumbling V8s, and the adrenaline rush of speeding down an abandoned highway at breakneck speeds because I’m looking for a couple maniacs to crash some cars in a game or two of Junk’d! on Thursday, September 10th.

You’re welcome to create/stat your own car (I believe it’s a 10 point build) and if you want to provide an image of your car, I’d be happy to create a token for you. Otherwise, we can use the provided vehicles from the book. Planning on using RHVTT to play and discord for chat.

Let me know if you’re interested or have any questions!


Darn, it’s happening on my last day of work of the week… can’t join! But I hope you guys have fun!


I would love to play this but it looks like I won’t be able to make it. You are welcome to use the tokens I illustrated a while back if you need them!


Thanks @rpgerminator! I’ll go snap them up in the forums. Is there a better time generally that evening? I can be a little flexible if people want to play :slight_smile:


The time is a bit late (maybe something like 20:00 would be better) but I also have a number of games going on this weekend and I don’t want to overbook. I am very interested though! I have wanted to try this game out for a long time and am really curious to see how it plays out in VTT.


Got it. I set it for 7:30pm MST (Utah) but what time zone are you in @rpgerminator ?


Awesome! I’ll be there!


I’m EST (Detroit) so that’s 9:30 my time I believe. How long do you think the game will run?


Yes @Andreas !

Junkd games are pretty fast. Depending on players I’d say like 20-30 minutes for each game. You’re welcome to jump in and out if you want to try it


Oh wow! I didn’t realize it played so quickly, I was expecting 2-3 hours! I would like to pop in for maybe one game if that’s ok?


Yeah, super-quick game, at least compared to a TTRPG session. We’ll blast some steel and shred some rubber and the game’ll be over before you know it :smiley:


Sorry fellas, I’m going to have to bail for tonight, have fun with the shredding!


Where are we getting together?


Here is the link to the RHVTT: http://vtt.runehammer.online/staking-boys

Here is a link to the Discord Server for chat: https://discord.gg/t8ZpsT