A few JUNK'D Digital Assets



Hallo Lumps,

I was bored this afternoon and didn’t want to get into my current illustration projects so I thought I would do some quick Junk’d/Car Wars style cars as an experiment. I have been inspired by @Fuzzymagoo who recently posted a video about crafted cars for Junk’d and @Chaologic who put out a modern-cyberpunk token set that has some sweet car assets in it.

These tokens are optimally sized for Roll20, enjoy!

Yellow%20Marauder Purple%20Monster

Blue%20Bomber Red%20Devil

Let's Crash Some Cars! - Junk'd Game

Yeah! That’s cool…now we need some weapon, engines and stuff to customize :nerd_face:


Where custom weapons and add-ons is a great idea I probably won’t pursue that for these just because of the sheer amount of work involved. However, I’m thinking that making a wrecked version of each and putting these on printable double sided cards would be fun. This is something I may fiddle with a bit in the future, I have other projects in the works currently.