Khan's SPELLS & FEATS Vol. 1 SOFTCOVER is now available!




For those who want to hold a book in their hands to really and properly enjoy it, I am delighted to announce that Khan’s SPELLS & FEATS Vol. 1 is available as a softcover as of today!

Wait, what? What happened to the hardcover version? As I had reported in this thread Proof copy has arrived... At least half of it, I was waiting for the proof copy of the hardcover to arrive but it got delayed for too long and I got suspicious. I said to hell with it, and ordered a proof copy for the softcover version. I didn’t want to do this before because any single error in printing would mandate new proof copies for both versions which would mean a waste of money and time.

It turns out, they never sent the hardcover version to the printer. Heh.
I’ll bug them tomorrow and I’ll also get to work for Vol. 2 physical copies.

Anyway, this was a long story about incompetence after incompetence on Drivethrurpg’s part but that’s all in the past now.

Head to Drivethrurpg to grab it:

Hope you enjoy the book!


Just a heads up for those who already have the pdf version:

I updated the pdf to this print version, which is the latest and the greatest. Now the print version and the digital version are exactly the same, including the page sizes and whatnot.

While preparing for print, I revisited lots of spells and other things and reworded them so it might be worth your time to download this update.

Go to and redownload the digital files.



Good stuff! I got my softcover today in the mail!!


Khan are you cool if I post a few pics?


Glad to hear!

Are you going to post them here or somewhere else?

Also, do you have anything to say about the book? I wonder what you think.


Thanks was going to post here but my lighting is bad and my pics turned out terrible so I decided not too. Thoughts on the book. I think the paperback is beautiful and fits perfectly with the rest of my ICRPG collection. The art is good and makes sense I have a copy I printed that doesn’t even compare in quality. Since IRCRP doesn’t really use levels I let the characters add Feats after they surpass important milestones. I would recommend this to players and DM’s that want to expand what magic users have available to them or feel that adding Feats to characters gives them more depth. What would I like to see in a Vol 3 if you ever want to make one is 5-10 pages of fluff get added in. Vol 2 added some of this Maybe some one page adventures or hooks or a description of a college of magic or some cool bad guys. I do recommend getting this and V2 together. If you were going to get one over the other I would actually start with V2 if you are trying to expand your spellcaster background. I like the quality and decided to get a printed version of V2 as well. Would love to hear anyone else’s thoughts on how they may be using these books.


Thank you for the kinds words and your input! Much appreciated! It makes me happy when I see someone getting something from my creations. That’s the reason why I’m doing this. :heart:

As for Vol. 3, I don’t intend to do it, at least that is my current thinking. I might change my mind about this in the future, so who knows considering I never intended to write Vol. 2 either. It took me 1.5 years to come up with new stuff for Vol. 2. I don’t have that much time this year (and possibly beyond).

Instead of Vol 3, I’m thinking about maybe writing a spellbook with new spells in it, if I happen to get inspired enough.

Currently I’m working on a deck of index cards. I’m drawing them slowly, so it will be a couple of months before I release it.

Eventually I’ll write an adventure. That’s in the pipeline, too.