Proof copy has arrived... At least half of it



Ahoy my Shield Brethren!

I have some great, some silly and some bad news.

This is the great news:

Proof copy is finally in my hands!
The book looks great; better than I expected to be honest and it feels great. Premium colors on premium paper makes a difference. Colors and page layouts are all perfect. Tables look great.

The silly part is, half of the book is missing! The printer somehow managed to skip every other page. The print version is normally 108 pages long, but this one only has 54 pages. :tired_face:

Previous proof copy never arrived and now I have only half of a book after waiting over 80 days. This doesn’t include the waiting time for the previous copy that was lost. That included, my total waiting time is 4.5 months or something.

The bad news is, I have to order another proof copy to check the missing half of the book. This means more delays. However, I learned my lesson and will ship all of the proof copies to a relative living in the US from now on. This will cut the waiting time in more than half.

Like I said multiple times before, this is the vol. 1 of Spells & Feats and when everything is okay, I’ll switch to vol. 2. Then I have a physical deck of cards in the pipeline.

I’m sorry for things going sideways this much but at least now I can prove that the book indeed exists, LOL.

Thanks for your patience!


Sorry you have to deal with that company, man, you sure you do not want to change for another one?


Currently yes, I’m sure.

Drivethru gives me free advertising, which is kinda invaluable for me. Whenever someone browses or buys some ICRPG related thing, my books keep getting recommended.

I’m not interested in doing any advertising or marketing. It’s not my style.

As a bonus, drivethru’s customer support is really great. They let me change the shipping address and country for next round of the proof copy for free. They could have easily flagged it as a suspicious request.


Ah, understood! Neat!