Khan's HERO CARDS is here!



Hey ho fellow Lumpy Heads!

I am proud to present to you Khan’s HERO CARDS!

It is a set of cards that replace (or supplement) regular HERO COINS in your game. Each card has a unique effect and players can burn the cards for the effect written on them to accomplish some crazy unforeseen things!

Here’s the info page for more info:

A few sample cards:

Download from here:

As always, feel free to ask any questions or send your remarks this way.

Happy gaming!

Khan's HERO CARDS VOL. 2 released!

They look great, I will be checking out the rest of them. Good Job.


Thank you for the kind words and support!


Yet more outstandingness! Thanks for making and sharing.


@Khan, I bought and read through. Love these. I mean we’re approaching mancrush levels here.

Keep making ICRPG supporting awesomeness!


Cool concept. It grants the player’s godlike powers, making the game more gonzo and outrageous. Very fun!

Khan's HERO CARDS VOL. 2 released!

Thanks for the support and high praise Lon!

Can you tell me/us what you love? I’d like to know what made you fall in love, so to speak.

I intend to go on with creating stuff for ICRPG at least for some time more. We’ll see how that goes.


Thanks bro for the support!

Great to hear that you think they are fun. Some cards (I’d say not many) are indeed gonzo and you can pull off some incredible sh*t with them if you happen to have the right card in hand at the right time. The random nature of the cards make the game more dynamic and in some occasions delightfully unpredictable in my opinion.

Also the shouting of a player “OMG that’s what I just needed!” after drawing a card that is perfect for the situation at hand is priceless.


Versatility - I can print 5 copies each of two cards that fit a session’s theme, or 3 of one, 2 of another, and 1 of another. I can give these out utterly at random from the whole deck (or mildly curated set) one per PC and let them keep what they have a secret from me till they use it. PCs love dropping bombs on the GM and this is a fun way to keep me on my toes.

Variety - you really covered all the bases I could think of with these. A really well rounded range of types of effect, simplicity of effect, and degree of effect. And they aren’t all combat! It’s nice to see cards like “Muh Loot” “Not You” and “Can’t Fool Me” and plenty of others which have well rounded uses.

Style - Consistent size, art, and fonts that dovetail well with the ICRPG aesthetic and themselves. Appreciate the sense of fun that went into the names of cards and the doodles.

Simplicity of Language - without opening up the door to a bunch of rules-lawyering, these state their effect clearly and directly.

Blanks - to make my own, should a very specific need arise.

Respecting Creator Wishes - with that For Use With ICRPG Core logo prominently displayed

Proofread - Last but never least.

Going to repost all that as a review, BTW. Once DTRPG’s 24 hour waiting period is up, Lol.


Brilliant points made here. I especially like your idea of curating a deck for a specific session.


These look great! Any chance for a printable deck version (through Drivethrurpg)?


Time for ICRPG Godbound! Mwuahaha! :smiling_imp:


All great points. It is funny because you mentioned each and every single one of my design goals.It seems I succeeded at translating them from my head onto the paper, which is great.

Versatility: Great thinking. Actually I should update the TIPS section to include these brilliant ideas! I shall do that next week. I’ll have to change some things to be able to fit that text in.

Variety: Having only combat specific things would be extremely boring. Cards being as general as they can be is a superb thing. Players love to come up with different uses for them.

Style: I picked funny names on purpose and I think they tell the intent of the cards in a succinct and humorous way. They seem to excite the players too, which is a very nice bonus.

I’m not sure what you mean by the printable deck version? Do you mean a high quality printed deck that you can buy directly like Hank’s Iron Heart?


Yes. I’d love to see that! Also for loot cards!


I’ll take a look at that.


I did a video review of your cards:

@Khan By the way if you want the PDF of the cards that are 8-per-page with backs, as seen in the video, let me know. I’ll PM you or something.


Sigh…Yeah, these are really awesome.

(Sadly turns to work desk, takes out quill pen and starts slowly and methodically scratching out text on a number of spells.)


I looked into card decks on Drivethru. It is certainly possible. It needs some additional work and some time for the proof copies to arrive and all sorts of other things related to production. Real world production is messy.

I added this to my todo list. I’ll probably start playing around with it next week.

Dude, that review video is awesome! Brought a smile to my face! :herocoin: Well, actually you need a HERO CARD instead lol.

I agree with everything you say in the review. The only difference is, my classification of the cards are as follows:

Gonna send you a PM.

Thanks you!
Are you scratching out text on your own spells?


I forgot to say that I LOL’d when I saw Kirk’s “Khaaannn!”. Well played.


Yeah. They’d just end up being duplicates of some of your cards. The only argument I can think of for saving them is that in a way, they’d be more “reliable” than lucking into a card. I dunno.